Kodak 80gsm Copier Paper (500 sheets) only £1.49 Sainsburys Instore

Kodak 80gsm Copier Paper (500 sheets) only £1.49 Sainsburys Instore

Found 11th Sep 2012
Just back from Sainsburys Watchmoor Park Camberley, where there was about 15 packs of Kodak 80gsm copier paper 500 sheets, priced at £1.49 per pack.
Ordinary Sainsburys price lable, not shown as a reduction or saving.

Far cheaper than sainsburys own brand!, might be nationwide as it wasnt shown as a clearance.

They also had HP copier paper on half price £4.99 to £2.49
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Why not just nick a few from the office

Why not just nick a few from the office

Because you are either honest or dishonest.
Honesty is like pregnancy, you cannot be a little bit pregnant.
Excellent price - will pick up a few tomorrow, if they've got any left.

I used to work at Watchmoor Park branch many years ago. First time I've seen it mentioned on here!
Very good price if any stores actually have any - my guess is nobody will find any though
Had these in Tamworth. Priced at £4.99 but when through at £1.49
Managed to bag 4 packs in Sainsburys Barnstaple this afternoon ....excellent price ....£1.49 .....also noted 250 page packs in Staples at £1.75 .......printing standard in blackish wrappling
The price is incorrect but they wont be changing it now as they need to clear it through in the next two weeks. It is nationwide so fill your boots!
Didn't see this thread when posted, but I just picked up the last two in Norwich Queens Road.

Haven't used Kodak standard paper before, but for £1.50
Generally most things Kodak seem to be decent quality, so hopefully not a waste of a Pint

Bought HP Copy paper once when it was on offer thinking I couldn't go wrong and it was a horrendous finish

anyway, HAWT even if it is coming to the end of the line

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