Kodak AA batteries 10 pack only £0.50@Tesco instore

Kodak AA batteries 10 pack only £[email protected] instore

Found 19th Jul 2010
I saw these Kodak batteries in Tesco Blackpool today down the clearance section next the the 3p hammers.

These are £1 in poundstretchers. it says that they are zinc chloride heavy duty.

Hope they are nationwide. will check irlam tesco tonight.


Perfect for remote controls, but useless for devices which require constant power! Heat added

Ran my LED Camping light off 4 of these for a week (at night obviously). As tehwabbit says they are useless for cameras and other devices that need constant power though.

my 360 controller eats through these at a set a week

50% cheaper then poundstore

Have to change these every 2 months in my sky remote. Bought from poundland,will try the sony ones next time.

This kind of batteries are always good for low-power remotes (of which there are many in this house!!), so they're always useful as rechargeables are total overkill as are Duracells -- these last a year in most remotes (not the Sky one I admit). So hot from me.
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