Kodak EasyShare V1003 Zoom Digital Camera. 10mp - 3xOp Zoom)- 99.99 @ Misco - 5% quidco (but v.slow payment speed)

Kodak EasyShare V1003 Zoom Digital Camera. 10mp - 3xOp Zoom)- 99.99 @ Misco - 5% quidco (but v.slow payment speed)

Found 16th Jan 2008
Kodak V1003 Zoom Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare V1003 Zoom Digital Camera.

The V1003 is all about fun. Fresh colours, dynamic ways to personalize, and more. Capture the world your way, with the V1003. This Kodak EasyShare camera's 10.2 megapixels means you can make stunning prints up to 30 ?40 inches, without losing picture quality. Kodak Colour Science technology enables you to take bright, beautiful colour photographs that you can print at home, at your local retail store, or online.

Kodak's RETINAR Aspheric Lens Technology

The Kodak RETINAR Aspheric Lens technology used in the V1003 captures crisp details through an all-glass 3x optical zoom lens. This lets you get closer to your subjects without losing picture quality. And if you still need to enhance your magnification, the V1003 is also capable of 4x digital zoom. Capture a great shot time after time with multiple scene modes such as portrait, children, snow, beach, backlight, and panorama stitch. Shoot brighter pictures under low light conditions with the high ISO scene mode. Easily create great shots with on-camera cropping, blurry picture alert, and digital red-eye reduction. You can even record VGA video (640 ?480) at 30 fps with sound, and capture more video while using less memory with MPEG-4 compression.

Manage Your Shots as Easily as Taking Them.

Your V1003 offers an innovative favourites feature that allows you to store your best pictures on your camera. Meanwhile, you'll use less internal memory. Just use the Share button and your camera automatically makes and saves a lower resolution copy of the original. And you can even improve the print quality of your pictures with Kodaks Perfect Touch system. Relive your memories in richer detail, and clear up dark shadows to reveal more smiles. And with a full line of accessories available for the Kodak V1003 including bags, skins, wrist and neck straps you can do and have more fun with your digital camera. The Kodak EasyShare V1003 Zoom Digital Camera - its undeniably you.

* 10.0 MP for prints up to 30 ?40 in. (76 ?102 cm)
* 3x optical zoom lens
* Customize with on-camera settings, including the Favourites feature
* Kodak Perfect Touch Technology
* Digital Image Stabilization using anti-blur mode


Expires 1969 ?!

Any deals on time machines?

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christ knows why it's showing as expired.

Iposted the expiry date as 2050 seeing as there isn't one, and it's taken the expiry as in the past, grrr!


Removed expiry date now to bring this one back to life


I've removed your duplicate neil

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Ah, fanks!

You might wanna remove my other postings of it then! oopsie!

So, is the expiry date optional then??

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Yes it is

seems to have been a lot of effort dedicated to this post, which is commendable but it's not really a hot deal as £99.99 is the going rate for this camera, and has been since before Christmas
Play bang it out at the same ]£99.99 delivered with ]4% quidco.
99p cheaper at ]Currys who are suggesting that is half price (holds stomach and guffaws out loud), and previously received as a lukewarm deal:
All efforts appreciated though


this camera looks great....very cheap????

comments on this camera please..
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