Kodak Z730 - Just £49.99 at Kodak Shop (50% off!) - TODAY ONLY!

Kodak Z730 - Just £49.99 at Kodak Shop (50% off!) - TODAY ONLY!

Found 7th Jan 2007
An absolute bargain, with 4x optical zoom and professional quality lens and rechargeable battery!

From what I can remember, these were selling for around £200 new.

Zero in on the action with the Z730's SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON 4X optical zoom lens. Get exceptional-quality prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 75 cm) with 5.0 MP CCD. Get rich, vibrant color under a variety of lighting conditions with the exclusive KODAK Color Science Chip. Advanced manual and custom controls, including selectable aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual mode.

Comes complete with:

KODAK EASYSHARE Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (1050 mAh)
KODAK EASYSHARE Li-Ion Rapid Battery Charger Kit
Audio/video and USB cables
Wrist strap
Getting Started Kit (with KODAK EASYSHARE Software)

Absolute bargain!


Looks like a great deal and I'm after a new camera although I know nothing about them. Anybody got one who could advise on quality? How many pics will the memory store or would I need a card as well? Thanks

Are these refurbs? They didn't actually say the £25 one was, but it was.

I bought a reconditioned one of these last year from ebuyer for £89, takes very good quality picutres, shutter lag not too bad at all. Only slight issue is you have to take the battery out of the camera to charge (will not charge via usb) and therefore you have to reset the date/time on the camera when you re-insert the battery. Bit of a pain when you are trying to get the battery in as fast as you can to take a shot, but have to set the date first !!!

:!: It's out of stock now!! :!:

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Hi guys

As far as I'm aware it's new, but I've had a Kodak refurb before and I couldn't tell that it was anything but brand new.

Used to sell this model in my previous job and was a great little camera, excellent battery life and just the right size for me!

Good find chrishyder, thank you! :thumbsup: I really needed a new camera.

I think I managed to bag the last one? It was listed as in stock and I added it to my basket, but then when I checked out it was still in my basket but the availability was listed as out of stock. Order was still processed though. I've got some screen grabs

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No problems, just a shame that there weren't a few more in stock eh!

There are still some bargains to be found on the site, try this link:


I've been trying to get a C Series camera for my parents to go with the Printer Dock we got them for Xmas, got the C360 for them for £54 incl delivery. Also good deals on this camera and printer dock package, only £75, get them while you can!

One note about refurbished cameras, I was told in a local camera shop that they got to the end of the production line and when they were tested something didn't work properly. They then go back to the start, get taken apart and the faulty part replaced. Legally they cannot sell these as new so have to be sold as refurbished. I know the guy and wasn't even buying a refurb at the time so I'd say it seems plausible.



Welcome to HUKD chrishyder, and thanks for the post. I've clicked expired at it's sold out now. Welcome also to bjmcghee

I just got an e-mail from Kodak saying that due to the popularity they are unable to ship the item, but instead they will ship a Kodak Easyshare Z730 Digital Camera - backordered - will ship when available. :thinking:

I wonder if this is because I was able to add it to my basket because it was in stock, but when I got to the end of the checkout it was being listed as out of stock (as I mentioned earlier).

I really hope I receive it :?


This deal was ok in my view, but £23.99 for 4MP last week was better value for money - and they delivered within the week


This deal was ok in my view, but £23.99 for 4MP last week was better … This deal was ok in my view, but £23.99 for 4MP last week was better value for money - and they delivered within the week

Ooo I missed that one! What was it, so I can look it up.

Dont worry justin... i had the same email last week regarding my 4MP 23quid camera - backorder will ship when available. In the end i only waited around an extra week to every1 else. Worth the wait imo... just playing with it now and its cool :-)


Ooo I missed that one! What was it, so I can look it up.



Thanks guys! On comparing them I really do need the rechargeable battery pack and charger. The CX6445 was a real bargain though. I think they both are.

Kodak are now selling the Z730 for £99.99:!: It's showing as in stock. I might phone them up and ask them why their e-mail says they are waiting for a back order. Maybe these are re-furbished? Or by law would that have to be stated at purchase?

Of course it's showing as £99.99. The deal was only on yesterday (as posted).

I called a very cheery lady at Kodak and she said it looks like my order isn't "backordered" - which is nice.
I also wanted to add a £9.99 Kodak camera case. Therefore qualifying for free delivery (rather than £4) and technically making the case about £6. They can't add to orders, but they could have canceled and re-processed my order if the camera wasn't listed as £99.99.

Well, it's official, I hate Kodak!

They got back to me on the Monday (after the sale was finished) and said they couldn't verify my card and had cancelled my order for a C360. They then, very kindly, said I could reorder it at twice the price if I wanted. Tried customer services and they just will not move on this, even after three e-mails pointing out that I put my details in correctly (as I said I could confirm by sending them screengrabs), my bank (RBS) have confirmed that they authorised the payment on the Sunday automatically, but this didn't wash with Kodak CS and they refuse to budge. I was told that their system doesn't tell them why it wasn't verified so they can't do anything about it. It had to be a mistake on their part as I have confirmed everything with my bank and they see no reason why it would be.

It's a shame as I wanted the camera for my parents to go with the printer dock we bought for their Xmas, they're not too technically adept and I thought the combination would make it easier for them to print their pictures. Unfortunately they're now tied in to buying the printer dock media and giving more money to Kodak!

Seen some other bad reviews online for Kodak customer services and now I can see why. Thing is I was very reasonable in my first e-mail to them about this, but was told "we cannot make any exceptions". Well, I'll not recommend them in the future, that's for sure.

The thing that really bugs me is that they have plenty cameras in stock and it's a discontinued line. Everyone knows they make the money out of you by selling the printer dock media so what is it to them if they sell a few thousand cameras at a loss, they more than make up for it in printing materials?

Anyone else have trouble with this offer apart from those that have already said? Did everyone get their back-orders?


...Anyone else have trouble with this offer apart from those that have … ...Anyone else have trouble with this offer apart from those that have already said? Did everyone get their back-orders?

Well I got mine delivered 3 days after I ordered, but I also ordered it early (on Sunday morning).
Too bad it didn't work out for you because this is the best camera you can buy for £50! ;-)
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