Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera - Black £104.73 @ Amazon
Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera - Black £104.73 @ Amazon

Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera - Black £104.73 @ Amazon

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The Kodak Zi8 has dropped in price by £8 today, making it the cheapest i've seen yet.
Currently the Flip range of pocket cameras are on offer, but if you seek a pocket video camera with expandable memory and an external mic socket, then the Zi8 should come under serious consideeration.


how good is it? some idea


how good is it? some idea

Just search YouTube for Zi8, loads of examples there (though at lower resolution than the camera is capable of).

I prefer this than flip because you can select different modes 1080, 720, QVGA etc plus still camera feature. The quality is a bit better than flip

seems expensive compared to the flip offers, voted cold.

Id personally go for the PlaySport over this. Yeah its a couple of quid dearer and doesnt have a stereo mic or macro... but the FUN you can have with the Playsport being waterproof seems a much better option. Also if you are thinking of the flip... by the time you have added the waterproof housing then the price is pretty near this anyway, oh and you are stuck with 8gb on the flip ;-)

I see that Amazon also have the blue and black PlaySport back in stock aswell.

Choose carefully between the 2 depending on your needs. Me... im going for the Playsport for my holiday to Turkey. Want some shots of my kids on the beach and in the pool... and im taking it on the jeep safari coz the Turks have a habit of taking waterpistols and getting everyone soaked !

Very good camera. Voted hot.

Its not as big as it looks in this picture;
They must have small hands. I saw it in a Currys Digital store, its a nice looking camera.

I bought the playsport (which is pretty much the same as this) for the family holiday, really pleased with the quality (beach, pool etc..all awesome) I ended up using 720p @60fps. underwater is great! A great piece of kit!

Pinky what SDHC card did you get to use in your Playsport? Im thinking of an 8GB class 10 Transcend but dont know if that will be enough for a 2 week holiday. Im also unsure if class 10 is an overkill and if class 6 would be sufficient. Should i go for a 16GB class 6 which i can get reasonably cheap from mymemory over this weekend ?

Class 6 is good enough. I'd go for 16Gb if I were you, it's surprising how quick the space gets used up.

Anyone considering this then go here for some brill software.

NEVER have I seen such a positive result in the voting.
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