Kodak Zx1 - High Definition Pocket Video Camera - Black £45 @ Amazon
Kodak Zx1 - High Definition Pocket Video Camera - Black £45 @ Amazon

Kodak Zx1 - High Definition Pocket Video Camera - Black £45 @ Amazon

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High definition Kodak pocket camcorder as seen on the Gadget Show

Shoots 720p high definition video
Pocket-Size, weather-resistant design
Storage 128 MB internal memory with SD/SDHC card expansion lot
Easily edit, create and upload to YouTube with built-in software
Record direct to SD/SDHC memory card (approx 20 min. recording per 1 GB at HD 30 fps).


I bought this when it was £50 (I think) with a free protector/cover - again at Amazon. It's obviously not the ultimate video camera - compared with my old conventional camcorder I miss the zoom (2x on this one really isn't worth pressing the button for) and it can be very grainy indoors/in poor light. But, in good light/outside the HD footage, when played on my 42" tv is STUNNING.

Hot of course.

I thought it was the playsport on Gadget show?

I posted this a few weeks back, they have obviously remained the same price. Should drop again soon lol

I've got one of these, they're ok but don't expect too much.

As said above they go grainy as soon as light levels drop at all, also the playback is great if you keep very still and everything moves slowly but it gets quite choppy if you pan the camera around or have a fast moving subject, if you're after one of these then youtube it first to see some example videos.

Voted hot though as mine was £50 when I bought it (although that was 6 months ago)

Also bought on when hot deal with amazon. The vids are choppy when played thro PC but smooth as silk with MAC. Anyone know why?

Incidentally I second the issues raised about poor performance in low light, panning is gives jumpy results and Zoom is not smooth.

Anyone know what quailty the still are like


Anyone know what quailty the still are like


Amazon says - Still format JPEG Picture quality 3 MP (stills, interpolated) - so does Kodak website.

I got one for £40 from kodak ,now £56, because it took aa's and sd card. My Flip mino hardly gets used now!!
The whole point of these things is that they are so easy to use and carry around that you do actually end up using them a lot more than a trad type camcorder ,you never know what's going to crop up.
Get a decent SD card ,class 4+, about £12-13 and some decent ni-mh rechargeables (it does come with 2 and a charger!) and you are good to go. Batt. life is not bad -2hrs+
They come with plenty of connectors- I can watch direct on my old crt via av cable.
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I have one of these when they were £40 on the kodak site also 8 gig card £7.99 from play for the money is a good bit of kit

I have the Kodak Zi6, and playback on my PC was choppy, so I played through the inlaws newish laptop and they played fine.
It is to do with the computers processor speed.
I have now bought a new laptop and they play fine.
Totally agree with Spakkker comments regards SD cards and batteries.

I am thinking of buying this for my 7 year old for Christmas. I don't have a clue about this stuff, is this one better than the Creative Vado HD 4GB 2nd Generation?

Got one of these in May this year, only used it a couple of times. Blinking thing will not switch on now, just returned it to Kodak.
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