Kogan 19inch HD LED TV with PVR / Kogan KULED19XXXYA / LED TV / Freeview / HD 720p1080i only £79 @ Play (Kogan)

Kogan 19inch HD LED TV with PVR / Kogan KULED19XXXYA / LED TV / Freeview / HD 720p1080i only £79 @ Play (Kogan)

Found 14th Apr 2013
The Kogan 19" HD LED TV crams all the features you could ever want into a razor thin, stylish TV. This LED TV features a built-in PVR and USB Input, allowing you to Pause, Rewind and Record live TV and even playback your favourite movies, TV shows, music and photos. The Kogan 19" HDLED TV gives you razor sharp clarity, crisp and clear images and an absolutely amazing viewing experience! 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you change your mind about your purchase, no problem! Kogan offer a 14 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee on all products. 12 month Extendable Warranty - All Kogan products come with a 12 month UK wide warranty. For peace of mind, we offer 3 and 5 year extended warranty options. Please email us for directly for pricing. Delivery - All products are delivered to your door by express courier. When your order is dispatched we will email you tracking information so you can track the progress of your delivery online.

12v Compatible for caravans etc - RustySpoons
- RustySpoons
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Good one.
Or buy from Kogan Direct at the same price:


These are great for Caravans as they have a 12v input, updated description and voted hot!
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Looks good but there aren't any reviews on Amazon. The PVR capabilities sound good but I'd be surprised if it worked well
I bought 2 of them about a year ago, one was DOA.
Send an e-mail to them, they agreed to collect the damaged unit and give me refund...
Imagine my surprise few days later when I saw a refund in my bank account for both units:D
TV still works, picture isn't perfect, never tested PVR...
I remember reading some bad reviews in Australia after i bought those TV's.
I wouldn't recommend them anyway.
Reminds me of Wrestmania 6. Hul Kogan!
hotukdeals.com/dea…091 posted this before only got to 33c so added some heat here its a great TV
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Heat added even though it's been this price a few times recently. Bought one about a month ago for the kitchen and it's a good size and nice enough picture especially for this price.
Got the 22" version of this delivered this morning (Play £99). It was cheap, the picture via the freeview tuner isn't that great ; might be better via an HD source. Biggest let down is the tinny audio - I've heard this comment before about other LED TVs I bought and they were fine to my ears - this one is not...really tinny and messing about with the settings has minimal effects, hope I can get used to it.

Other things against it....
1. The EPG is not very user friendly it's a right palaver to get it to display other than what's on now - most un-user friendly EPG I've seen for a long time.
2. Playback of files via USB, if you believe the stuff on Play about "USB Playback of AVI and MP4" then you are in for a disappointment. I tried one avi which seemed ok...but I somehow managed to delete it before I could get it to play fullscreen (preview looked ok) and I tried a few mp4 files and none of them would play. As for mkv format files as I expected you can forget about them.
3. And to top it all off I was going to try a standard set of PC speakers to see if the sound could be improved and blow me there's not even a headphone socket!!!

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