Kohinoor Extra Flavour Basmati Rice 5Kg £4 Tesco

Kohinoor Extra Flavour Basmati Rice 5Kg £4 Tesco

Found 6th Oct 2016
Triggered by the recent rice deals dropped into a Tesco to check.

stumbled on this one at £4 for 5kg (10kg was £15)
standard SEL so may not be store specific £8 on line.

if heading in for one of the other deals worth checking the rest of the shelf.

Extra Flavour Basmati Rice

For Recipe Ideas please visit kohinoorfoods.co.uk

Kohinoor Extra Flavour Basmati Rice from the valleys of Himalaya has a subtle sweet flavour and divine nutty aroma, making it the perfect partner for all Special Occasions

Kohinoor Basmati has been a long established name as a trusted basmati brand perfected for over 38 years. On cooking, our Extra Flavour Basmati Rice results in a delicate sweet flavour and separable grains which is the hallmark of our thorough quality practices, strict sourcing & milling policy. It is the jewel to adorn dining tables across the world.
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Rice find!

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Have a pack of this rice paid £6 and find it no difference in taste and easy to cook Tilda long grain rice which is £1 for a Kg in Home bargains etc.
This is 80p per Kilo even that is pricy compared to the recent offers.

£1 is top price to be paying for rice anytime,

Ocado are doing Tilda long grain at £1/kg
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