Kohinoor Extra Long grain Basmati rice 10kg £10

Kohinoor Extra Long grain Basmati rice 10kg £10

Found 25th Aug 2017
This has been £17 in recent weeks. With Brexit, inflation and the weak pound, I can see this being the best price for sometime.

I've had Badshah and rate these two brands alongside each other but Kohinoor gives off more fragrance

Grab it whilst it lasts!
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Good price but . Country of Origin:United Kingdom, what.
Plausible with the amount of rain we have had this summer.....
It is described as Finest Himalayan basmati, so no way is it made in the UK, it may be imported here or packaged here but no way does it come from here.

Its a great price.
I have had this and its disgusting - fit for the bin, doesnt taste like Basmati at all. Had to bin it after trying twice as had lost receipt to return it. Nothing at all like basmati rice - its a fake.
I saw brown and white Eastend basmati rice £ 1 for 1kg in Home Bargains. Who needs to buy 10 kg in one go and invite rats and mice when you can buy in smaller quantities at same price
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Who needs this much rice ??
Good price for a quality brand
Mikep4625th Aug

Who needs this much rice ??

Rice tastes delicious but is very unhealthy. It is full of carbohydrates and convert s into sugar inside body . White polished rice has no fibre . I started eating quinoa instead of rice as it has much higher fibre and and protein content. Other good rice is canadian wild rice but it is too expensive in the UK.
Edited by: "sam_of_london" 27th Aug 2017
Thanks OP....need to stock up for Eid 👌
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