Koko Baby Food Pouch Spoons x2 BPA Free £1.00 @ Poundland

Koko Baby Food Pouch Spoons x2 BPA Free £1.00 @ Poundland

Found 26th May 2013
Convenient weaning equipment when feeding from pouches like Ella's Kitchen or Plum Baby. Wanted to get them for awhile but thought they were always quite expensive. Delighted to see them for sale in PoundLand today.

Tesco - £2.99
Asda - £3.49
JojoMamanBebe - £4
Amazon - ~£3

From Koko's website:
The perfect way to feed your baby their favourite pouches of baby food without any mess or fuss, this is an ideal product for busy mums and dads. It even comes with its own handy travel case for days out, and fits to most leading brands of food pouches. This is an easy and practical way to feed your baby, is easy to carry and conveniently fits in your baby bag.
Pack of 2 spoons + handy travel case
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Also seen Koko Formula Powder dispenser 3 portions for 99p from SAM 99p stores amazon.co.uk/gp/…W9O
These are really useful, no good for anything with lumps in mind but really good for the 4 month food pouches. I have some in my changing bag in case they are needed when we are out
Bought some of these earlier on today from poundland, altho I did see them earlier on in the year at Morrisons reduced to 58p, heat added tho.
I bought these too last week. Agreed not very good for baby food past 4 months as very small spoon head and can't handle lumps but worth keeping in change bag with a fruit pouch as emergency snack.
I dont get what these are???

Bit confused!

Since weaning should start from 6 months onwards then there surely is no real point to these if they are no good for anything with texture or lumps??
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