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MSI N480GTX HydroGen -  £239.00 Komplett.ie
Found 18th Jul 2011Found 18th Jul 2011
Has to be a misprice as it normally goes for double the price All Copper waterblock and Micro-channel design for best heat dissipation. A one slot design is easy to do 3-way SLI 2… Read more
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Page not found :(


Its listed in Euros not GBP. Google converts that price to "€ 239.00 = 210.031651 British pounds" So its even more of a steal :)


I think you are being a bit too paranoid. (a little paranoia is good when internet shopping!) Komplett have been around for ages. Buy on a credit card. If it doesn't turn up, they will refund you. MSI will deal with the extended warrenty anyway.


Certainly seems an excellent price, but I am also concerned that it looks too good. Things change so rapidly in the e-commerce world that just because they were good a few years ago doesn't necessarily mean they can be trusted now. Not worth the gamble, IMO. What happens if it goes wrong, or doesn't even work when (if?) it's delivered. Sorry, op.


i think you may across a few minor issues..

Saitek Pro Yoke, Throttle and Rudder Pedals bundle for Flight Sim £145 + p&p
Found 7th Jun 2008Found 7th Jun 2008
First post.......This is the complete bundle of yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals. Amazon are doing it for £219, Transair £229. Kompett are doing it for £145 + p&p I can't fin… Read more

is this deal still available and how do I get it. if I click on the get deal now all I get is a white page with what looks like dutch writing and stupid pop ups. Kompletts page states this offer has now expired.


Off thread but has anyone got the Saitek X52 Pro? Found it around £80 del and was wondering if its any good? Ta


Great price! I am also a pilot and I think that though you will never get the realism of flight anything that improves the reality is a bonus. Having the yoke with timer for navigation legs and the dedicated quadrant for throttle, prop and mixture is excellent. Where these flight sim yokes let themselves down is through sticky shafts so the yoke doesn't move back and forwards easily but I think the Saitek Yoke is better constructed and a bit of lubricant helps but ideally use a dry lube like silicon spray as WD40 would attract dust and cause more damage than good over time. I have the pedals but will buy this and sell the pedals so should end up paying about £80 for the yoke and quadrant which is great.


Very nice and nice price, but I could get myself a XBox 360 arcade for that sort of money, great deal all the same.. Hot..


I've ordered myself one of these to go along side a Wingman Force feedback joystick. It just adds to the fun of flying your desk........ :-D Beside my wife won't let me have a retired Canberra T-17a cockpit at the side of the house to play in. :thumbsup:

OCZ Gold XTC DDR2 PC6400 4096MB KIT, w/two 2048MB PC6400 XTC, CL5-5-5-15 - 55.75 delivered!
Found 16th Apr 2008Found 16th Apr 2008
As part of OCZ's Gold series, the PC2-6400 2GB modules deliver the performance and speed gamers require for today's graphic-intensive DirectX 10 PC games. At 800MHz, the 2GB Gold E… Read more

Well whatever happens it can't go down that much again!


I bought exactly the same kit last November from Komplett for £168! :x:x:x


Oh, this is tempting. 2 slots spare and mobo supports 8gb. Damn you temptation!!!!!


heat added good value 2gb kit is only £10 less and this ram is good stuff

MSI GeForce 8800GTS 320MB OC GDDR3 £93.00 + £6.75 Delivery
Found 14th Apr 2008Found 14th Apr 2008
First deal so go easy! Great card, although it is only 320mb, its a GTS....great deal IMO! The NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD-OC features NVIDIA unified architecture. Fully unified shader … Read more

With all these older generation 8800 cards being posted it is clear that there is a lot of confusion. The thing that nobody has mentioned is that the newer cards use a lot less power. One of the other common threads is with cheaper Dell systems & people asking about upgrading the graphics cards & whether the power supply will cope. If you are in this position I would buy either a 9600 or an 8800gt. Actually I would in fact buy an Ati Hd 3870 because that works better for me even though I am perfectly aware that the test bench marks "prove" the nVidia cards are better.


Sorry, but your wrong there...:oops: the 8800GT 512Mb performs better than the 8800gts 320Mb, mainly because it was a newer generation of card and it more steam processors on it. the 8800GTS 512Mb will perform better than the 8800GT 512Mb though :)


yes i know the 8600gt is old, my point is the 8800gts is better then a 9600gt....look at any website that test graphics cards!


wrong mate the 9600gt is much better, it has similar performance to the new 8800gt. You need to get with the times mate. The 8600gt is old yes, the 9600 gt isnt.


ok, thats also a great price. but the 8800 ultra is 40% slower then a 9800gtx so i fail to see how a 8800 gtx is similar?

LG Blu-Ray DVD-burner, GBW-H10N, 12x, Blu-Ray 4x, Retail - £195.75 Delivered @ Komplett
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
LG Electronics is one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, producing a large range of consumer electronics and IT products. LG has created reputation for progressive t… Read more

Newer model LG GGW-H20L for sale 6x Blu-Ray burner and cheaper from More Computers @ £170.49 plus postage (Retail Version) - also check elsewhere as I bought mine :-D from More Computer for £156.00 + postage.


4x BUT its much faster mbps than the 4x you get when burning DVDs. So if you were burning 2 hours of HD content it would take 30 minutes (approx as it doesnt burn 4x all the time). Slow but not as slow as you would imagine. - Please note that if you already knew this i dont mean to act the know it all. Just info for people who didnt :-)


only x4, crikey that be a long wait fora blu ray, think i wait till they get faster


Alternatively an OEM drive, but this has the ability to also playback HD-DVDs. http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=747284

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Linksys bundle: Wireless Router   USB adapter, 802.11G 54 Mbps, WPA   £37.75 (34% of)
Found 4th Jan 2008Found 4th Jan 2008
I have been looking for a Wireless broadband router for a little while and this seems like a good deal. The site is Scandinavian owned, and fully thrustworthy as I have used it fo… Read more
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with the usb adapter?


Asusboy - please could you tell me how to get the price you said at ebuyer. When I looked at the component prices it came to much more. There seems to be some conflict on whether this is worth buying or not. I thought it looked good but I don't know anything about wireless cable routers except that I want one. which should I get this or the netgear offer at play.com ]http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3424330/Netgear-WGR614-54Mbps-Wireless-Adsl-Cable-Router-+-WG111-54Mbps-USB-Adaptor/Product.html


small tip, check price with ebuyer before sumetting deals, as ebuyer pretty competitive with prices when it comes to pc components. It only come upto £33.93 delivered on ebuyer.


poor product with a high failure rate, dont bother. Get yourself a netgear dg834g and forget about the small saving.


linksys is a great make for routers. I have the WRT54GS which is superb. More info on posted router WRT54GC http://www.linksys.co.uk/download/wrt54gc_ds.pdf This is a good deal considering you get a usb adaptor with it. EDIT: I just checked the price with ebuyer, its £29.47, you can also read the reviews if you like http://www.ebuyer.com/product/90827 Here is a linksys adaptor, not sure if its the same one as in the posted deal http://www.ebuyer.com/product/127031 its quite pricy

Samsung 32" LCD-TV LE32S81B - £419.01 @ Komplett
Found 2nd Jan 2008Found 2nd Jan 2008
Good spec telly at a really good price. This is my 1st post, hope its ok!

have a look here http://www.pricerunner.co.uk/pl/2-901302/TVs/Samsung-LE-32R87BDX-Compare-Prices


play.com one is out of stock, although I would sooner have the play one


Added price and retailer name to the thread title, and an image too. Welcome to HotUKDeals!


Remember its not the newest model and (from what I can tell) only has an analogue reciever. You can get the newer one with built in freeview for around £470 though. See here: http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/3342800/Samsung-32-LE32R86WDX-XEU-HD-Ready-Freeview-LCD-TV/Product.html

Nintendo ds lite in stock
Found 12th Dec 2007Found 12th Dec 2007
Nintendo DS bundle: Nintendo DS Lite White with NYKO Charger Grip... just ordered and there is 23 still in stock

Out of stock :(


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Between 50-99 showing in stock today 17/12/2007. Should be delivered in time for Christmas.[/FONT] For all orders placed with the ParcelForce courier option: [LIST] [*]Parcels shipped on Wednesday 19th are scheduled for delivery on/before Saturday 22nd December, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Thursday 20th December are scheduled for delivery on Monday 24th December*, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Friday 21st December are scheduled for delivery on Friday 28th December, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Monday 24th December are scheduled for delivery on Friday 28th December, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Thursday 27th December are scheduled for delivery on Monday 31st December*, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Friday 28th December are scheduled for delivery on Wednesday 2nd January, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly** [*]Parcels shipped on Monday 31st December are scheduled for delivery on Thursday 3rd January, except in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly**[/LIST]


Just a Note: Looks like there's gonna be 139 pcs expected on stock 2007-12-17. (European sourced & supplied with euro 2-pin to UK 3-pin bs1363 adapter.


shopto.net had them in stock today at 3pm in black


Availability: Not in stock. 14 pcs expected on stock 2007-12-13

Garmin Nuvi 360T - £216 inc @ Komplett
Found 16th Oct 2007Found 16th Oct 2007
Garmin nüvi 360T This versatile GPS comes with hands-free Bluetooth® wireless technology in addition to the host of other features. THIS WEEK ONLY: £209 Regular price: £238

You're right, the 310 works fine and I would certainly recommend that model. The problem seems to be that the 360 voice chip works differently to the 310 (the 310 doesn't say the street names for example) and as a result there are noticeable differences between the 2 models. I've listened to several 360's, I also took mine back twice and the shop eventually showed me the difference side by side. I wanted some of the extra features and don't need handsfree but I definitely recommend the 310 if you do, as you say that's good. Mine is 9 months old, maybe they sorted the issues by now???


Not sure why this is being voted cold as it is £20 cheaper than the second best!


Couldn't disagree with that more. I have a 310, which lacks some of the features of the 360 but is essentially the same unit, and I have no problem with the sound and find it works really well as a handsfree when on the move.


I bought one of these a while ago - generally it's great and the satnav works well including Europe. Unfortunately the sound quality is poor (I've listened to several units and it's a common problem) and so if you are thinking of using the handsfree or mp3 features they are not much use when moving.

OCZ Value 2GB Kit With 2x1GB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz, CL5-5-5-15 £35.75 delivered!
Found 15th Oct 2007Found 15th Oct 2007
OCZ Value 2GB Kit With 2x1GB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz, CL5-5-5-15 not the most amazing ram i am sure but i know how a lot of people look for cheap upgrades, well here you go!
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any good pointers for ddr pc4000 ram?


That's for laptops and this is for desktops.


not a lot i have 184pin ran 2 and the best price is around the £30 :(


my board takes 184 pin ram so what options do I have?


They'll be giving RAM away free in your Cornflakes soon ;-) Pete

Wii back in stock £189.00 at Komplett
Found 12th Oct 2007Found 12th Oct 2007
The Nitendo Wii is back in stock. This is a PAL EU console and is compatible with all UK games etc. Komplett supply a 2pin to 3pin adapter free of charge so you can plug in and g… Read more

then last year why didnt cmopanies put the price of wiis up when they were selling for ridiculous prices on ebay?:?


UPDATE : Despite my order apparently being fraudulent they have still happily taken my money out of my account for themselves!! And my bank confirmed that there was nothing that could have made them think it was fraudulent as all the details I gave were correct.


UPDATE: its just been dispatched.


nothing wrong with £175 for a Wii though.....


Yes they can, its recommended retail price. They could charge you £1000, and theres nothing anyone could do. No one in their right mind would pay it, but theres nothing to stop them doing it.

Nintendo Wii console with sports pack @ Komplett (in stock)
Found 11th Oct 2007Found 11th Oct 2007
The Nintendo Wii....unavailable throughout the uk i have found and ordred for myself an EU version..exactly the same but with a 2 pin plug. Komplett provide a 3 pin adaptor for the… Read more

Yes, it's exactly the same format as the uk edition. The only difference is the 2 pin plug for which komplett provide an adaptor free of charge.


Yes and yes, the whole EU is PAL so the games are fully compatible. It will not run US/JAP titles unless you mod it.


i was using that one too..but it never flagged up the ones at game..or the one i had through not so long since for Dixons!!


Are the wii games region locked though, will this play UK games?


here is the one i was using this morning..good luck!!! [url]www.wiipreorder.co.uk[/url]

Netgear Wireless Bundle WGR614 Router + WG111 USB Stick - £31.75 @ Komplett
Found 17th Sep 2007Found 17th Sep 2007
NETGEAR WGR614 54 Mbps Wireless Router - wireless router Device Type Wireless router + 4-port switch (integrated) Form Factor External Dimensions (WxDxH) 17.5 cm x 11.9 cm x 2.8… Read more

Just can't get mine to work as after putting CD in, just keeps telling me that I am not connected to the internet - when i am!!! Regsistered with Netgear, who ask if you would like someone to ring you to help with installation. Thsi was 2 days ago and haven't heard a word. Maybe there is something very simple that I am not doing?


I ordered the same one and it works fine upstairs with full signal strength - i'm using it with a ntl (virgin media) modem.


Thankyou for the replies. I think I'll be safe and get one with more range. Cheers.


I got one. Haven't set it up yet but on the box it says 'Coverage - Small flat' with picture of a house with about 1/3 of it covered. Hope it is better than that as I had hoped it woudl cover all over a 4 bed house and even in the garden! By teh way, nothing seems to be in English. Think instructions, on the box anyway, aer in French, Dutch and maybe German. The code is WGR614FS. The one NTL sell is same number , with UK at the end. Maybe this is not a UK version, hence why it was so much cheaper.


should be fine unless you've got a lot of metal in your ceilings! If you're worried about range or just want a brilliant router I heavily recommend the buffalo WHRHPG54: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/97222

Samsung SpinPoint M5 250GB 5400RPM SATA 2.5" Notebook Hard Drive - £85.01 !
Found 10th Sep 2007Found 10th Sep 2007
I was about to buy this same drive off Play.com for £125.00, which I thought was a good price until I found this deal. Did a search around and found the same drive at Komplett for… Read more
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This is now an amazing £59!


Thanks for the info. I'll do that!


kev_gordon, you should put it in the "Sale, trade or wanted" section: https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=6


If for some reason, anyone really HAS to have a 7200rpm drive, and you fancy a go at getting my previous 3 month old 160gb 7200rpm Seagate Momentus drive on the cheap, then you can now find it on eBay. I hope I'm not infrigining the Forum rules by posting this message.


Much the same for me with a 100GB 7200rpm and and a 160GB 5400 rpm - the benchmarks showed the 100GB drive was faster but in practice I found performance of both to be good, I couldn't tell the difference. John

Samsung 32" LCD-TV LE32R32B  -  £435.75 Delivered from Komplett!
Found 3rd Aug 2007Found 3rd Aug 2007
Samsung LE32R32B - 32" LCD TV HD ready, Resolution 1366 x 768 Display Format 720p Input Video Formats 480p, 720p, 1080i, 480i, 576i, 576p PC Interface VGA (HD-15), HDMI HDCP Compat… Read more

Its a very old model


Only has an analogue tuner but I'd rather take this than take a chance on some of those unheard of brands. Komplett are a great retailer in my experience. I'd say the best PC component e-tailer I've used, though they're not always the cheapest so I don't usually use them for multiple items.