Komputerbay 2 PACK - 128GB SDXC Class 10 @ Amazon for £61.15

Komputerbay 2 PACK - 128GB SDXC Class 10 @ Amazon for £61.15

Found 9th Dec 2014
Only one left (as i bought the other one) but thought this was a good deal for 2 x 128gb SDXC cards. Cheaper if you pay by mastercard and use the £5 off code MCARD5OFF as its sold by amazon.


Stay away from Komputerbay.

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I've had them before with no issues, im going to use them in a Kingston Mobilite for streaming so great issues should something go wrong

Surely, you're better off with 2 of these?
they're faster and cheaper


Stay away from Komputerbay.

Explain why people should stay away from them?......Is it because you dont like the name?
I would recomend Komputerbay cards as I have found them reliable & excellent value for money....The usual reason people dont like them has nothing to do with ever owning any of their cards but is purely based upon their love/lust for buying fake samsung cards for a fiver which they believe are genuine.
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Very reliable cards in my experience. Don't let people who pay loads for crap lexar cards and are trying to make themselves feel better put you off. Just look at the many happy Amazon customers and compare to other cards if you're unsure. I've had loads of these for years and none of them have failed... yet (although feeling the need to touch some wood, as any card can fail obviously).

That said... I'm not sure why you would go for this deal when a single one is £28

I have to say also that this is a very poor deal as it works out cheaper to buy them as an individual card.

Why buy two for £61 when same seller sells each for £28? Reading some of the negative remarks seems many of the problems arose from not what knowing what it needs to use SDXC type of SD memory: eg, using Windows XP, SDHC slots.

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yeh £28 for one, great cards and worth the money at this price for one, or £56 for 2 if you need them.....but not £61.15..... come on.....
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