Kookaburra 3m Triangle Ivory Party Sail Shade £9.99 + £4.99 delivery @ Primrose

Kookaburra 3m Triangle Ivory Party Sail Shade £9.99 + £4.99 delivery @ Primrose

Found 24th Jul 2014
Was £29.99...save 66%.

Featured on Alan Titchmarsh's 'Love your Garden' and stumbled across accidentally by me...!

Kind of a semi-permanent fixture instead of umbrella or parasol.

3m equilateral triangle. Other colours but I think Ivory is best.
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These sails really are a great idea - as long as you are aware of the installation requirements.

The sail itself is frequently the smallest part of the overall cost. Installation usually involves a lot of work/expense, unless you happen to have strong enough trees/walls in just the right places for anchoring.
The anchoring kits on eBay seem to start from about £30 for one set for a triangle sail. There also not straight forward to install. Shame because I would love one of these above my patio area for my little boy and baby to play under. Heat added for the low price though and because I like them.
We bought one of the waterproof ones last year. Like already mentioned you have to factor in the price of the fixings which are more than the shade, however you can buy the kit with the rings etc. We were lucky as only needed one post as the other 2 sides are on our house, however we got away with a heavy duty washing line post from amazon which was about £20 rather than the expensive ones on primrose.

Really good product though and piece of mind when little ones are in the garden
Oos . Not clear when it would be delivered
I would have thought they'd be quite simple to install. Plan where you would like it to be, then attach a length of rope to each end, irrespective of the length required, then find suitable wall,tree, shed that the end can be attached to. Clearly the length used is of no consequence.
OOS Expired
The deal is still on - it's just out of stock - so technically not expired, you can still order at that price.
A length of rope really doesn't cut it as you need to have a lot of tension on them.

I have a 6x4m one over some decking and two mounting points are on my house and the other two are to fence posts with wire rope supporting them. £80 sail, £20 parts to install it.
I'm so glad this is OOS. I'd never heard of it before today, don't need one but could almost guarantee I would have bought it!
Its not expired but out of stock until 28/07/14 and have just ordered 3... Think i can wait three days|||
Cheers - grabbed a couple, albeit with a delivery of 3 weeks time.

Only just bought one for £20 from Amazon, but had to return immediately as it had a cut in it. Hope the Kookaburra ones are better quality.
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