Kopparberg Mixed fruit & pear bottles - 2 for £3 at Sainsbury's

Kopparberg Mixed fruit & pear bottles - 2 for £3 at Sainsbury's

Found 30th May 2009
2 for £3 mix and match on lots of beers and ciders. One that stands out is Kopparberg, and the mixed fruit one. So nice, usually £2.09 a bottle so if you buy it quite a lot, theres lots of savings to be had!
I don't think I've seen mixed fruit kopparberg on offer before!


I'm right in the mood for some actually. Sainsburys tomorrow methinks. Don't really want to buy the cans atm.

Thanks for this. Love the stuff, but find it is expensive.

The cans are 8 for £10 at Asda at the mo too. Not exactly cheap, but got some in for Glastonbury as they are tasty as.

If you havent tried this stuff yet the mixed fruit is best described as alcoholic vimto. The pear is fantastic aswell. If you ever get the chance to try the non-alcoholic pear it tastes like liquidised pear drops.

Tried this for the first time last week, very nice..Off to Sainsburys

This is 3 for 2 in Tesco at the mo and they have the elderflower and lime one which is well nice
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