Kopparberg Strawberry And Lime Alcohol Free 500Ml 65p @ Tesco

Kopparberg Strawberry And Lime Alcohol Free 500Ml 65p @ Tesco

LocalFound 14th Apr 2016
Swedish alcohol free Apple Cider with a Taste of Strawberry & Lime 500ml bottles.

These were reduced to clear with a yellow label on the shelf to 65p

I'm allergic to alcohol so drink these sometimes. I've been told by friends they taste very much like the alcohol versions too. Yummy stuff.

Edit: This was at the Ilkley store, not sure if store specific or not.
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This isn't a national deal if it is RTC so would be helpful to put which store you saw these in.
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This might sound like a stupid question. But does that mean it contains no alcohol at all.
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No, it does have a very small amount of alcohol in it but it doesn't affect my allergy.
Great price if this is what floats your boar but the only time the words 'alcohol' and 'free' come into my life is when there is a free bar!
This is not cider , non alcohol pop
Get to bed, kids! Daddy's getting (responsibly) drunk tonight!!
Allergic to alcohol? That's a first
This is not cider it is fruit squash. And expensive squash at that.


Allergic to alcohol? That's a first

Really, judging by the amount of (pavement) pizza I see in town I believe lots of people are allergic to alcohol. ;-)
Not national unfortunately £1.29 Cleethorpes Extra
why would anyone buy this?
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Because it tastes nice to them and they want to buy it?

Allergic to alcohol? That's a first

​they are a 12 stepper and think being a drunk is an allergy rather than complete lack of will power. basically passing the buck
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