Kororinpa (Nintendo Wii) - £17.03 delivered

Kororinpa (Nintendo Wii) - £17.03 delivered

Found 8th Dec 2007
Great price for a fantastic puzzle game on Wii.

Very similar to Super Monkey Ball, but without any of the lack gimmicks implemented into the Wii version - very accessible and heaps of fun.


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Still in stock guys, and £5 cheaper than it's ever been I think - currently £22 at Amazon and has been that way for ages.

Not a bad price but personally I'd take Mercury Meltdown from Amazon for £12.96 over this. Reviews suggest it's the best of the tilt maze type games on the Wii.

We had Korornipa and completed it, just a little short. IT was a great game motion control worked excellently. Traded it in but missed this type of game so bought Mercury and never got into it at all. Others say it's good, just not me, so for that I'd vote this hot.

Asda is £17.93 although no voucher !! asda-entertainment.co.uk/asd…uct
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