Kororinpa (Wii) - £9.99 - Play

Kororinpa (Wii) - £9.99 - Play

Found 14th Nov 2008
Next best price is @ Softuk £15.99
Kororinpa is a puzzle game in which players navigate cute balls (e.g. marbles & melons) from a start point to a goal through many different mazes. The balls are controlled using the motion sensor in the Wii remote (and nunchuck in multi player) and does not require the use of any button; when players tilt the controller, in any direction, the maze will tilt accordingly.

The player has full control of the maze and can rotate it a full 180 degrees, therefore extravagant level design will challenge players not only in their skills on keeping the ball from falling over the ridge, but also on analysing the levels in what path to take. As players roll their way to the goal they also have to pick up all the red crystals in a stage in order to unlock the goal, this adds another challenge to every level.
Special Features

Tilt the Wii Remote to tilt the maze and roll your ball to the goal.
Game features over 40 stages inc. 5 bonus stages.
Challenge a friend in two-player split-screen race mode, to see who can finish a maze first.
2 player Multiplayer Mode only requires one remote and one nunchuck.
Unlock new balls and use their special properties to negotiate the mazes.
Includes a wide variety of themed courses including forests, a city and a land made of candy
Each course is littered with obstacles including magnets and slippery water.

You may already have played a mini-game on the Wii, in something like Rayman Raving Rabbids or WarioWare, where you have to move a ball through a maze simply by tilting the Wii remote. Kororinpa (basically the Japanese equivalent of the word "plink") is those mini-games expanded and turned into a whole game. Its also not too dissimilar to Super Monkey Ball, in the sense that you control the maze, not the ball, moving the remote to tilt the game world and get your little marble to the goal on each level. Unlike Monkey Ball though the game works in full 3D, with you twisting and turning the maze so that one minute youre rolling down a slide which you then twist around to become the ceiling or wall. As you might imagine the added complexity of thinking in three dimensions makes the game seem almost impossibly hard at times, but its ruthlessly fair and however much you might like to pretend failure is always your fault and not the game or the controllers


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What an excellent, original game. Worth it.

Voted hot.

It is a good game but I only played it for a bit and then traded it. Some of the later levels are insanely difficult.

completed this game an original game which is well worth playing as multiplayer

Its a good game but if you're the kind of person who gets really upset by widescreen modes and whatever be warned that this has a peculiar 16.9 mode where it forces the 4.3 image into a letterbox and leaves you to use the zoom mode on the TV to stretch it.

Not a biggie but its better to know in advance i'd guess.


completed this game an original game which is well worth playing as … completed this game an original game which is well worth playing as multiplayer


I received my copy from play and when I have tried to play it today. It didn't work.

It came USED when I order it new. There was a torn sticker left on the front and there is a scratch on my disk. Popped it in thinking it would be fine and I could leave it at that but it is the only game in my whole collection which I can't boot; it hangs on the disc channel and then gives me a reset my machine error.

Has anybody received a new copy from play when they ordered this game on the offer?
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