Kororinpa (Wii) Only £12 @ CeX
Kororinpa (Wii) Only £12 @ CeX

Kororinpa (Wii) Only £12 @ CeX

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Kororinpa is a puzzle game in which players navigate cute balls (e.g. marbles & melons) from a start point to a goal through many different mazes. The balls are controlled using the motion sensor in the Wii remote (and nunchuck in multi player) and does not require the use of any button; when players tilt the controller, in any direction, the maze will tilt accordingly.

The player has full control of the maze and can rotate it a full 180 degrees, therefore extravagant level design will challenge players not only in their skills on keeping the ball from falling over the ridge, but also on analysing the levels in what path to take. As players roll their way to the goal they also have to pick up all the red crystals in a stage in order to unlock the goal, this adds another challenge to every level.


What a wonderful game So simple but difficult.

Wonderful game, didn't personally find it that difficult (unless using faster rolling marbles) quite a short game of levels, but at least a game that really DOES utilise to its full potential the Wii remote sensing, one of the Wii's gems this game along with Boom Blox.

Worth a go at this price..voted hot.

Looks good......HOT!
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