Koss Porta Pro Stereo Headphones - £17.99 @ Amazon
Koss Porta Pro Stereo Headphones - £17.99 @ Amazon

Koss Porta Pro Stereo Headphones - £17.99 @ Amazon

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I was looking for some headphones online and found these. They seem to be £20 or over everywhere else, so thought it was a decent deal worth posting.

As for the headphones themselves, anyone who has had a pair recommend them?


I've had a pair for a few months - 3 main points I'd pass on are:
1) They feel flimsy - they are an unchanged 1980s design, they fold up pretty neatly and mine have held together well, but they feel like they could fall apart at any second.
2) They benefit from being played in - leave them running with some loud rock for a few hours and come back to them. Then they go from sounding okay to sounding absolutely fantastic.
3) Further to point 1, being out and about with these could cause a) the headphones to break or b) you to look a pair of rollerskates away from a wrigleys commercial from circa 1983. Wear with caution or use at home.

there is also a sport version which I believe may sacrifice some of the audio quality for durability. Worth looking into if you want to jog about in these. Or rollerskate down the beach with a huge packet of wrigleys gum. Not my place to judge.

I've bought a pair 2 years ago (for about the same price) from amazon. Best sound I've had from any headphone so far. However, I agree with some of tomhaines comments. They felt flimsy at first and pinched my hair, not the most comfortable to wear. But mine have lasted for 2 years now without any problem, so maybe they are stronger than I originally thought. The hair pichning I solved with some tape I wrapped around the metal spring sliders. They are fixed in one position now but I only use them stationary anyway.

Some people have commented on the looks. I am not using them outside and if I did, I wouldn't care.

I'd highly recommend these headphone for their sound quality.

I jog in these: they're great. They do allow for some outside noise to come in but it's marginal and TBH is not necessarily a bad thing (gives you an awareness of traffic). Agreed they feel a little flimsy, but in my experience are durable - in fact more durable than other earphones I have used. If mine were to die, I would immediately order another pair. Not a super hot deal on price - they are frequently this price, but I haven't seem them any lower.

Great sound, odd design. These fit on your ears not over or around them (I was expecting them to be much bigger), but there is a pad at the temple to take the pressure so your ears don't start to ache like they do with some on-ear phones, and it is adjustable. I use mine all the time for TV.

If you care what they look like, you need to work on your self esteem.

Oh yeah I do look like an 80s throwback, but I don't give

I've tried a pair of these and they are excellent. Sound quality is very rich and amazing. They are very light, but they seem to last. Mate of mine swears by them and has been using a pair for years. Love the way they fold away too. If it wasn't for the in-line mic on Apple earphones, I'd switch to these.

I've had a pair of these for 2-years, and though you might suspect that they are flimsy, they aren't at all. I travel about all over with them, and they're really as good as new. The design is a preference thing, and I rather quite like them. Other than that, at that price, with the amazing quality and the fact that they come with a lifetime guarantee, you can't really go wrong. Highly recommended.

I've only had a wee shot of a friends set to try them out, and though the sound was excellent, but they just felt a bit uncomfortable to wear. I've now bought a pair of Sennheiser PX100s and prefer them, but the Koss are a tenner cheaper and the comfort is probably a personal preference.

They are very good headphones and very comfortable (until they pinch your hair!!).
However, as mentioned above this can be solved with some insulation tape around the headband. I made a tube of tape so that they could still be slid as necessary. they feel flimsy but they are not, they are very durable.

I agree with most others here. I've had them for about 2 years. They look and feel flimsy, but have been chucked in my bag and used most days every week. A much richer and warmer sound than the PX-100's and more bass as well. Highly recommend if you don't mind the 80's design.
I find them the most comfortable headphones I've got and have often forgotten they're on my head when I get to leave my desk.
Disadvantages - Sound leaks. Not so good for the train or office if you like you music LOUD!
Fiddly to fold up and put in their bag. Shortish cable.
Advantages - Fantastic sound! Very comfortable and also great for the kids as the head band can shrink right down to fit any child's head.
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been around this price pretty much solidly for about a year.
good price for good headphones
design and hair pinching is annoying though
if i had the chance again id have bought the px100 which used to be frequently the same price as these before their price hike... no pinching, look and sound better but now not the same bargain.

On my 2nd pair of these, amazing sound quality. Always been this price though from Amazon (last 2 years?)

These headphones sound as good, if not better, than some that are double the cost. They're absolutely lovely to wear until they attack your hair, but for the price it's a pretty minor point. They actually look pretty cool in my opinion, pair with an old walkman player for that 80's look. My brother has had a set of these for over 2 years and considering he breaks everything else he owns, these are still going strong!

Just to echo a point above about their sound leakage, it is a big problem. However, if you don't care about the people sitting within 5 metres of you on the Train/Bus, then feel free to enjoy them at full volume!

is it me or has everyone had them for two years? if so why say they are flimsy when theyve survived that long?

had them for a couple of years too for work.. repeat what others say.. excellent sound quality.

don't really use for outside.. but have used them in the tube once, which was ok.

about hair pinching - yep has happened a couple of times - but only if you adjust the fit while its on your hair. if you raise it slightly above your hair whilst adjusting then its fine.

build quality excellent, still as springy as it was the day I bought it. very comfortable, lightweight and most of the time don't realise its on my ears as the foam material used is great. However, these are not for bed.

looks wise - think they look pretty cool and retro.

has been this price and slightly cheaper before.. so not the bargain of the century.. but if they come down under £15, I'll definitely be snapping up an extra pair for home use.

highly recommend if you're in the the market for headphones. folds nicely and comes with a nice leather pouch, which I use for the iphone 4

If your looking for a headset Id recommend the HD201's

I only say this as I think the Sennheiser's look pretty good, and just dont like the look of this headset not to say the sound isn't great as I have never heard them, but I have owned the 201's and for budget headphones they are great, comfortable, and look good

Had these for about a year and really don't see what all the fuss is about. The sound quality is okay, but they're pretty uncomfortable. They also lose a lot of sound around the edges, so if you're planning to use them in an office, be prepared for a bit of annoyance among your colleagues if you listen to music, even at a normal volume.

Excellent sound quality. I wear them to see movies at night with my Yamaha RX v567 silent cinema virtual surround and I must say they sometimes sound better than my pioneer surround speakers. Also very comfortable even after long hours of wearing

Again, had my current pair a year or so (used every day) and I've had them before, for years. They really aren't flimsy, and have a lifetime gaurentee anyway. As a side, I have been through so many pairs of PX100's over the years, the cables just give out in my experience.

Anyway, nothing special about the price, but it rarely gets any cheaper. But the sound quality is unbeatable for this price. I have alternated between these and px100's as I prefer open back headphones for a more natural sound, and a lot of the time I use these walking the dog, and like to be aware of my surroundings. There isn't a great deal between the two - they are both remarkable for the price (although these days the PX100's are more expensive) but I have to say I prefer the sound from the Koss, to be they have a better sound stage, and possible a tighter bottom end. but its a personal preference as they are both excellent. I also agree about letting them run in for a good few hours. IMHO the best headphones under 20 quid by a country mile.

Oh and I like the old skool style

portapro has always been this price on amazon. good sound for the money but no way a hot deal

ps: i do recommend these headphones. no other headphones will beat them to 50£ price mark. portapro are somewhat flimsy with thin short cable but they deliver sweet mids and crystal clear highs. no deep bass.
in my opinion next step would be iGrado wich go for 45£.
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is it me or has everyone had them for two years? if so why say they are … is it me or has everyone had them for two years? if so why say they are flimsy when theyve survived that long?

you need to be careful when facing this 18£ lifetime investment

Just bought myself a pair after my original Sennheiser PX 100s were looking pretty shabby after too many repairs... and they cost me £17.99 a few years ago on Play too.

As previously said, these HAVE to break in. The initial sound was muddy and unexceptional... a few hours after playing music through them on repeat while I was out and the difference was like night and day! I'm normally a 'break-in' sceptic BUT it really made a very big difference...

Very similar the ORIGINAL PX 100s (I've heard mostly bad reviews for the new PX 100 IIs) but the Koss Porta Pros have the edge over them, the soundstaging is just that bit more engaging and open...

Amazing for the price, and hey the retro styling doesn't look THAT bad when you actually see them in person, and after a couple of days use I actually came to like it!!

No deep bass?! The bass on these goes pretty deep enough, and well controlled to boot...

Unless you're looking for that amazing BASS BOOST sound that makes everything sound like it's coming out of a chavs motor with a boot that doubles as a subwoofer...

just as i said, nu deep bass, no amazin sound, just very good value for money, best headphones to iGrado price range.
no i dont like bass nore cheap Sennheisers


Would these be better than the koss. They are a tenner more but may be worth it.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.



is it me or has everyone had them for two years? if so why say they are … is it me or has everyone had them for two years? if so why say they are flimsy when theyve survived that long?

THEY ARE NOT FLIMSY. I've had mine for 7 years, paid much more than this in Tottenham Court Road when they were like 70 quid. They are very solidly built. Only thing that wore on mine was the sponge pads. These are now relegated as I have better IEMs, and I treat these like dirt, toss in drawer, never use the bag to transport them, runs, gym. Absolutely the same mechanically as the day I purchased them. If you like Rap/Hip Hop these are excellent, they are a bass lovers signature.

I have this and I recommend it highly. I personally feel that the sound on this is like 4 times the price of Sennheiser HD201's. I also second the "break in". This is very comfortable to wear, although the "flimsy" nature of the headphones is quite misleading, you'd think it'll fall apart any moment but I've had mine for years and it still rocks.

Oh, do a search around the web, a lot of audiophiles have this and some have even "modded" it to suit their needs.

Price has been like this for a while now though.

If you think the bass is weak for open back cans, then maybe your pair is faulty? The bass is slightly more defined/pronounced if anything than px100's - and not over the top but natural. Be interesting to know what you are comparing them to, and the price of the comparison pair? cheers!

Elton, I don't know really mate - but the denons are closed back, so will cut out more background noise, but possibly not as 'natural' sounding. Worth reading amazon and play reviews for the koss, 20 odd years without change and loads of positive reviews for a reason



Elton, I don't know really mate - but the denons are closed back, so will … Elton, I don't know really mate - but the denons are closed back, so will cut out more background noise, but possibly not as 'natural' sounding. Worth reading amazon and play reviews for the koss, 20 odd years without change and loads of positive reviews for a reason

Thanks, i checked all the reviews and they sound amazing. They look a bit wierd but all i want them for is to watch films on my iphone when im on the train so im sure they will do, they arent a fashion statement and they might even turn a few heads for all the wrong reasons lol

ive got them too really good headphones and in aw style ....heat added and bougt again ;oD these are my 5th koss porta pro , always i do something stupid and snap them....hmmm how works that lifetime warranty?
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The warranty apparently doesn't count in the UK... anyone know if this is true?!

Make sure you get them directly from Amazon as this post is for. My dad bought some from an Amazon market seller without knowing what can happen with counterfeits. Fortunately my mum also had the geniune headphones so a quick comparison showed a lot of difference in both build quality and audio quality. Truly impressive the amount of detail the counterfeit makers went down to to create the knock offs, and my mum couldn't hear any difference anyway but she's not an audiophile like me. Decent enough headphones for the price.
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