Koss PortaPro Headphones At Mymemory £17.89 Delivered!
Koss PortaPro Headphones At Mymemory £17.89 Delivered!

Koss PortaPro Headphones At Mymemory £17.89 Delivered!

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Yes, you're only saving 10p compared to Amazon and Play, but every penny counts!

25 years of the PortaPro! I LOVE these, in-ear headphones fall out my ears and don't give me the bass I like. I used to have Sennheiser PX100s and prefer the Koss, though there's not much between them sound-wise.

The only negative I have with them is that they catch on my long hair, but they're nice and secure on your head, useful for the more sporty types. And don't forget the Lifetime Guarantee!


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same on amazon for … same on amazon for years!http://www.amazon.co.uk/Koss-PortaPro-Quality-Sound-Stereophone/dp/B00001P4ZH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1271175351&sr=8-1

See above! Yes, you're only saving 10p compared to Amazon and Play, but every penny counts! :thumbsup:

+ Quidco

was about to post these about 2 mins after you did! hot

VERY good headphones IMO

this headphones is really old! but they do worth every penny, prefer koss to sennheiser in this price range

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The only thing that would make these perfect is a wireless version! It's always the connection at the headphone jack that goes after a while, with me, anyway. I'm sending mine back, re the Lifetime Guarantee.

Emailed Hama, they've had non-stop use for over a year; been abroad, bounced about in handbags, etc. After years of searching (thanks to the net) I've found my favourite headphones. :w00t:

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Slightly off-topic, but headphone related. My brother got these wireless (bluetooth) headphones and he knows I'm a complete headphone snob. These actually sound really good and brilliant for those on a budget..


Koss, could you make a PortaPro version?

Happy listening!

They are very good headphones (I've got a pair myself) but not really "a deal" since this is their normal price (ignore the RRP). I paid £15.99 a year ago and they've just gone up by two pounds, which isn't too bad. So, I wonder why they where put up from MyMemory? :whistling:

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You're being a tad mean (what is it with the misery army on here??).

I've never seen PortaPros for £15.99, and I'd have loved to have got them for that. Useful for someone looking for great headphones at the cheapest current price. Not deal of the century, but of use to someone! As we all know, prices on the net fluctuate all the time.

If my post encourages someone to try PortaPros for the first time and they're delighted with their purchase, that's good enough for me.

Yeah, I'm probably just mean and imagine ppl are bad, LOL

I was looking at these earlier this afternoon on amazon.. had v good reviews.. but I wasnt keen on the folding design.. and the metal headband.. went for the Sennheiser HD202 instead.. hope i'v made the right choice

We have 3 sets of these in the house, fantastic headphones.

Agreed, great headphones, folding design means they go quite compact for travelling. Brilliant sound. I should take better care of mine but thankfully they are cheap cheap cheap!

Oooh, this was my 1000th post!

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Congratulations, aerotec

Does anyone know how to use the Lifetime Warranty? I sent Hama an email with my Amazon receipt (not sure if it's required, but still), and I've had no reply, over a week now.

not sure how to use the warranty but have read of people using it.

does it have to be hama.co.uk as there are a couple of other distributors on Koss website like Kondor perhaps give them an email or try contacting Koss direct.

You Can get these for £17.60 from Discount Memory via Amazon
However if you order from Amazon themselves, they are £17.99, but you get a £2 MP3 download credit on your account if you buy before end of April.

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Finally got a reply from Hama.co.uk and I'm sending them back, no charge or anything.

For those interested in the various versions of PortaPro, the 25th anniversary version is quite lovely, with fabric lead and old styling (though pricey)..and you get RED ones now too ("Red Hot" as the packaging says)!


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The Lifetime Warranty is no fairy tale. Big thumbs up for Hama. I got my headphones back in about 10 days after emailing them and posting them back with a covering letter.

What always goes with my headphones is the wire at the headphone jack. (The connection died within a year of constant use). Send them back, they said, and we'll repair them. I got a surprise when I opened the jiffy bag and saw brand new PortaPros (noticed the new foam pads and the cable tie), with a new, improved, reinforced cable jack.

So kind of them so send a new pair! All I paid for was postage. And I have missed them, pathetic, I know! Took even longer to pick them up as the ruddy postman forgot to leave a card. We're reunited!

Picture of the new, improved headphone jack/cable: http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/2102/dsc01073lg.th.jpg

25th anniversary PortaPros: head-fi.org/for…iew

Want want want!


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