Koss UR42iK Over-Ear Headphones - £30.75 @ Amazon

Koss UR42iK Over-Ear Headphones - £30.75 @ Amazon

Found 18th Mar
KOSS UR42i OVER-EAR HEADPHONES The Koss UR42i over-ear headphones pack

powerful studio sound into a portable, fold-flat unit. The UR42i has the

natural fitting, iconic “D-profile” ear cup, first featured on the

ergonomically designed Koss Pro4AAA and now available on many Koss

headphones. The D-profile mimics the shape of the ear, creating an ideal

seal for the most consistent sound reproduction. The UR42i headphones

deliver great volume, even with low-voltage portable devices. Closed ear

cushions seal comfortably around your ears to block outside noise and

keep music from leaking out. Along with the perfect fit, the UR42i has a

detachable cord with dual-choice entry, allowing the user to choose

which ear cup to connect to for optimum adaptability. Once the cord is

attached, the opposite side becomes an output, allowing pass-through

listening or daisy chaining for extended monitoring. The included cord

features a one-touch microphone and remote so users can stay connected

and in control. When the music stops, the UR42i over-ear headphones

fold-flat into a convenient size that is easy to carry and even easier

to store so you can take your music with you on the go.
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Showing £45 for both colours
listing was showing 2 prices, but now its back to £45 and only 1 left in black
Just bought a pair for £30.75
Dammit they back to £45.99
Nope. That was a quick one
Andy028454 s ago

Nope. That was a quick one

Bet thats not the first time ya have said that
Carling.Fosters18th Mar

Bet thats not the first time ya have said that

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