Kotobukiya ArtFX Star Wars 2-Pack Figures Reduced from £119.99 to £19.99 INSTORE @ GAME

Kotobukiya ArtFX Star Wars 2-Pack Figures Reduced from £119.99 to £19.99 INSTORE @ GAME

Found 25th JanMade hot 25th Jan
Couldn't believe it when I saw these, which were stuffed in a corner behind the counter. I could only see the original price of £119.99, so I asked the guy how much they were and he said they're down to £19.99 as they want to get rid of them!

He was saying the store got them in for Christmas, but no one bought them so they have been gradually reduced down and down.

They just had the two packs, Han & Chewie from Episode IV and Luke & Leia from Episode IV

Still sealed and brand new, might be worth checking your local store?


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That's amazing good find

120 quid?! Are the having a giraffe?!


120 quid?! Are the having a giraffe?!

the Luke and Leia set sells for £135 on ebay

i guess they will be going on ebay then !


Great find! When you say they only had 2 do you mean they only had these 2 or that there were only 2 different figures?

Damn - none in my store

Never seen these in any Game stores

wow loooks nice

These look crap!!!

Not as good as the ones from Hot Toys, but those are really expensive.

Only the single packs in my local Game,Hans Solo!oO

Such a bargain! Great find

Got Kylo Ren for £19.99 at MetroCentre Game branch - non left
Game Newcastle didn't have any

Oh my god!!! That an is an incredible deal!

Guy at the metro centre said they sent all theirs back to head office before the sale as they weren't selling
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