KP Cheese Footballs (142g) was £3.69 now £1.50 @ Waitrose

KP Cheese Footballs (142g) was £3.69 now £1.50 @ Waitrose

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KP Cheese Footballs (142g) was £3.69 now £1.50

Deal lasts until 28/12/2017


These are rank

Same price in Iceland and Tesco/ASDA. Previous years they have been a steady "offer price" everywhere of £1 a tub but this year they seem to be £1.50.

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In Iceland and Tesco you have to buy two packs to get them for £1.50

Can't see them in Asda

It's the most wonderful time of the year 😋🤤🎄 Love these so much!!
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Love these, but the RRP or Waitrose normal selling price of £3.69 is a joke. £1.50 is my limit on a pack of these or twiglets.

Anyone remember Peek Frean's Cheesy Balls? My nana used to buy a tub of those every year for Xmas, haha...

Its a good price, however these are probably the most disgusting things ever created on the planet...

Made from cardboard and rat shit (apparently)

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IrishMan16 m ago

Made from cardboard and rat shit (apparently)

Top Quality products then?

they've really reduced the size of these cartons ... I just saw them in store and they used to be much much bigger and cheaper

I don't know what they've done to these but I bought a packet the other week and they had no taste whatsoever. They should rename them "cardboard footballs" because there's nothing cheesy about them. Good deal if you like them though
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