KP crispy coated nuts 79p Home Bargains

KP crispy coated nuts 79p Home Bargains

Found 7th Jan 2015
KP crispy coated peanuts 250g reclosable bag.. 79p reduced from £2.20

Sweet Chilli with A Hint of Lemon
Sour Cream & Onion

I spotted them yesterday got some ... and yoinked them all so went and got some more today both flavours ...

good size bag for the price aswell

I like me nuts me


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50p for a 250g bag not bad .. should of posted earlier could have saved me 58p... DOH !!..

i've tried sour cream & onion and they are really nice.

Oh wish I had never found them lol, how many lbs have they added!


saw these today in asda for 50p .... so might be worth a look !?

40p Asda, Liverpool, sefton park on a snall clearence stand with various reduced items, only had about 8 packs, bought a few packs even tho i had already bought the HB ones earlier, i hope i like em!
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