KP dry roasted peanuts 450g tub £1.00 @ Tesco instore

KP dry roasted peanuts 450g tub £1.00 @ Tesco instore

Found 21st Jan 2013
Found these instore, label states £1.50 but scanned at £1. Sell by date April 2013
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Priced at £1.00 in my local Tesco. Bargain, original price was over £4.
I bought 5 tins tonight and I haven't even finished eating the Christmas nuts yet.
£1 in my local tonight aswell! Littlehampton
same here in Aylesbury 2 store.
I work at Tesco, the store just didn't update the label when they should have. It's a Xmas line so it's priced to clear
75p in Asda
This deal is nuts! But Asda's is peanuts compared!
None in my local

But did pick up 2 salted peanuts instead
Thanks OP just picked some up.
havent voted, but one should eat raw peanuts, which is very healthy.
once roasted, peanuts will have high levels of cholestrol which everyones is dangerous
anything natural is healthy, once the human meddles with it, it becomes unhealthy.
Yawn. ^
That's Nuts!
None in Nottingham Carlton as is typically the case with Tesco deals

For once AVAILABLE at LEATHERHEAD (the worst tesco in the uk)

although they were hidden behind the newly issued wrapped nuts AND with no prices on the shelf - had to ask them to scan them in

No doubt theyd been 'put aside' for end of shift staff discount play time!!!!
Got 2 of these at Sutton-Cheam Extra branch of tesco at the weekend. There were only a few left. Some had short date (Jan '13), others had a little longer date (Feb '13). Priced at £1.50, scanned at £1.50
Picked up a couple myself, dated end of April.
East Kilbride has them priced at £1.50 but scan at £1.00.
Big trays of them in March Tesco's today along with tins of biscuits for a pound.Also had tubs of liqurice allsorts,but not sure of the price .All together in the seasonal aisle.
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