KP Peanuts 500g 2 for £2.49 @ 99p Stores

KP Peanuts 500g 2 for £2.49 @ 99p Stores

Found 4th Feb 2016
2 x 500g KP peanuts for £2.49. 25p/ 100g. Good offer comparing to small 200g they sell for 99p/each.

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Original Poster
...seen in Slough store.
So the 99p store charges 2.49? Confusion
what the...???
this price doesn't even make sense!!!
Original Poster
yup... they have many products for more than 99p now called managers special.
So is it 99p for one ?!
Original Poster
no... I tried to buy one, but they don't give you half price. it's still £2.49.

Looks like the second one is free so why not take it :-)
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