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iPad Pro 3rd generation 11 inch 64Gb - £730.55 @ KRCS
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
iPad Pro 3rd generation 11 inch 64Gb - £730.55 @ KRCS
Reductions on all iPads. The best price I've seen for the latest iPad. 2 year guarantee. Buy Now Pay Later payment option available.
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OK, just spoke to them and my company is included and so i can get full access to on-line and warehouse. The on-line application doesn’t include my career-type, but just select anything and they will correct it in-store; i recommend Sea Captain, as it will make you more attractive to the ladies! Now just Need to work out whether I can save £33.60 by shopping there!


Didn’t realise they did this. Just checked membership for annual, on-line only and you would have to factor in £15 for that. Don’t think i can get in any other way, even though i work for a large company that we all know and love! Tried ‘individual’ registration, but the listed jobs are not of my ilk e.g. vet, sea captain and so on. Anyone know of any ‘methods’? I am a student of accounting, i think, but that won’t cut the mustard!


Not if you buy on line


Yeah just saw that - is that the best price at the moment - wonder if price will fall soon as very tempted :/


There’s a further £15 off with BLACKFRIDAY15 making £694 from Costco

10% off all Mac products.... New MacBook air just £1079 @ KRCS
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
10% off all Mac products.... New MacBook air just £1079 @ KRCS
Approved apple reseller.... 10% off and 10 months interest free finance!

I am actually (lol)


Same discount and 2 year warranty here guys;


£1000 is nothing these days sure I give that to the kids when they’re going the shop.


"just" £1079. Are you a salesman or something?


Voted hot tho

All new iPad Pro 11” & 12.9” discounted for pre orders @ KRCS
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
All new iPad Pro 11” & 12.9” discounted for pre orders @ KRCS
Right so this deal may not be for everyone, but please vote on the price not the product (or your opinion of said product). KRCS are offering various small discounts on the pre-o… Read more
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They probably get excess stock or something, maybe even at some sort of trade price, less mark up to sell more? I'm not too sure, but best bet is, especially for something worth a lot of money, go with an authorised seller.


The 11” iPad Pro on Apple edu is £730 via UNiDAYS. The eBay ones are sourced outside of the uk. Apple don’t discount apart from education.


It’s 706 for 11inch. Is this the cheapest student place? I’m looking for iPad and I see many companies selling on eBay for £700-£730 where do they get them from?


If you are a student, beat of waiting for TheEduStore to see what they offer, currently waiting for them to add it to their inventory. They said end of this week and they have already removed the 12.9 old iPad Pros. Also an authorised Apple reseller


Sadly not everyone has access to student uni days

Krcs clearance sale e.g  Sonos Bridge EX DEMO £29.00
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Posted 3rd Aug 2018Posted 3rd Aug 2018
Krcs clearance sale e.g Sonos Bridge EX DEMO £29.00
As above not looked thoroughly through it yet but might be some bargains
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Yes put me down for an iPod touch (only thing in stock) whilst I update MySpace profile.8) On the curious side, I’m not sure why would anyone go for an ex demo pair of headphones. They’ve been probably put on by thoooooooousands of people(fierce)


Must have been one ex-display of each OOS


Good deals, most Sonos out of stock now though.


Argh, Playbar for the price of a Beam! Sub is £400 instead of £700 (embarrassed)


Homepod £249 sonos play 1 £99

10% off ALL Apple Macs this Black Friday at KRCS
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
10% off ALL Apple Macs this Black Friday at KRCS
10% off all Macs this Black Friday at KRCS.

Just don’t buy an iMac with a 1TB fusion drive as they are terrible now with only 24GB allocated. Only pick a 2TB or bigger as they still have 128GB. Or ideally an SSD as they are fast.


I was hoping for Big Mac's myself 😁 Served after 10.30am at participating restaurants only.


So not rain Macs :(

KRCS, Save 10% on Mac and 5% on selected iPad and Apple Watch models
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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
KRCS, Save 10% on Mac and 5% on selected iPad and Apple Watch models
Started within 4 hours Save 10% on Mac and 5% on selected iPad and Apple Watch models online. Or Save 10% on Mac, 5% on all iPad and Apple Watch models only in-store, plus m… Read more

It comes down to KRCS communication. If a shipment is delayed they should tell their customers, not sit on their hands.


well I ordered my custom MBP earlier this year and it came a week early. I guess its all down to their one and only! Im happy I bought at krcs ...received better price and 2yr warranty


They did the same to me earlier this year when I ordered new iMacs for my studio. They delayed the order without telling me so I had new staff start without a workstation. Then there was the promise of a part refund which never happened. voted cold because they are poor to deal with.


I would not trust this company. They let loads of customers down last black friday who ordered for delivery before xmas. They then changed the back order date for January without letting customers know. I luckily logged in just before xmas to realise what they had done. I then had to rush around and paying more. Never got an apology either. You have been warned :)

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Beats Tour2 In-Ear Headphones - Black £39 @ KRCS
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Posted 31st Jul 2017Posted 31st Jul 2017
Beats Tour2 In-Ear Headphones - Black £39 @ KRCS
Brand new unit from KRCS service stock. Does not ship in retail packaging.Includes all headphone tips and 90 day warrantySweat and water-resistant to survive tough weather and work… Read more

Great find. Thanks for posting :D


It works try again.


Link doesn't work?


Sorry meant to vote hot >

IPad pros £40-75 off £578 @ KRCS
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Posted 20th Jun 2017Posted 20th Jun 2017
IPad pros £40-75 off £578 @ KRCS
Ok so non-Apple fanboys witl vote cold but for the more balanced individuals then following on from the thread that flagged iPad pros @ KRCS the other day they have dropped their p… Read more

Got mine on Very £709 with £70 off from 10% BNPL


Never heard of KRCS. Anyone purchased from them before?




Care to tell us how?


Just paid £561 for 256gb 10.5 at the Apple Store :)

IPad Pro 2  12.9 - £833.23 @ KRCS
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Posted 16th Jun 2017Posted 16th Jun 2017
IPad Pro 2 12.9 - £833.23 @ KRCS
The latest 2017 model Best price I can find at moment for the 256g wifi one.
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Anyone who even thinks iOS and is a proper OS go in the same sentence should be institutionalised. iOS is a mobile phone OS, no matter how many tweaks you make of it. Until Apple release a proper 2 in 1 using OSX, then they are using the name to sell to the sheep. And as I said before, they wont do this for a while as it will break into their very lucrative Macbook market. Look at the 'Smart Keyboard' alone, you can see the iPad Pro has nothing to do with a professional system. No trackpad, limited stand angle, and quite frankly it looks like some £20 Chinese Bluetooth keyboard, hell its not even backlit. A professional will be using a product designed for professional use from the ground up, not some larger adaptation of a glorified Internet browser. ;) Look at innovation like the Surface Studio, a product designed from the ground up for professionals, or Surface Pro, Surface Book, all three are innovative, not some half a**ed attempt at a large tablet and slapping a Pro label on it and expecting people to buy into the farse. Sorry but Apple has not been innovating since Steve died, more and more they are playing catch-up... a bit like Intel vs AMD at the moment. Regards Flea


iOS 11 is a major upgrade in terms of productivity and functionality. so have to wait until this fall then judge it. I myself criticised iOS for not being even close to a full OS and looked at it mainly as a consumption focus environment,but what they showed at keynote impressed me. I will never pay full price for that KB but they can be bought on sales for half that price few months after launch. also competitors sell the KB separately for similar money so can't just blame Apple. I'd say 12.9 is massive and mainly suits artist illustrators etc,the 10.5 has same horse power and specs and cheaper and better choice for most. I've seen the 256GB 10.5" for around £630 already which is not too bad. The problem with Windows Surface is while it runs full OS and better as laptop,it lacks in tablet mode and so inferior in that form,also battery is much shorter and a real problem also many hardware/software bugs and issues. there is no clear winner and all such products are still imperfect and expensive.


The 120hz screen is worth the price alone if you ask me. It's a huge difference over everything else.


Not full OS so it cant even really be compare, even assuming its more powerful than many laptop(which is highly doubtful) its useless as it cant run computer software, so its not a laptop replacement especially as it doesn't even have a keyboard. anything Pro 2 can run will run on original Pro with no noticeable difference in real life. KB cost another £170, pen cost another £100. a £1000 laptop with I5/7 will leave it in the dust in every way. IOS 11 will be available every IOS device, and Ipad pro 2 is a tablet whether its £100 or £9999 or it can shoot out rainbow. So the only argument is its for artists and illustrators which i am not a expert on. but consider its running IOS, it will be a pain to import/export between different program. and i reckon a graphic tablet half the price will do just as good


What would be the Ann Droid equivalent? eg large 10-12 screen and other "decent specs" ?

Sonos Play 3 (ex-display) £205 instore @ KRCS (Hull)
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Posted 17th Dec 2016Posted 17th Dec 2016LocalLocal
Sonos Play 3 (ex-display) £205 instore @ KRCS (Hull)
Just been into KRCS Hull. Cheap Sonos and beats in a clearance section. Had some Bose Headphones earlier

these aren't ex display. I don't know who edited post


Too far for me

Proper discounts on Apple deals for Black Friday @KRCS
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Proper discounts on Apple deals for Black Friday @KRCS
Mac - 12% Off iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 - 8% Off iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4 - 6% off iPhone - 4% Off Apple Watch - 6% Off Apple TV - 10% Off Beats - 14% Off These are pretty good a… Read more
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Sorry didn't read it properly, I thought it was at Apple.


Crazy. They are rumoured to be updated in March and the current offerings are old in IT terms.


iMac ordered. Saved £210. Thanks OP.


Thanks, ordered an iPad Pro 9.7. 8% off is a good deal.



MacBook 12" (2015) 1.1GHz 8GB/256GB SSD £749.00 @ KRCS
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Posted 24th Apr 2016Posted 24th Apr 2016
MacBook 12" (2015) 1.1GHz 8GB/256GB SSD £749.00 @ KRCS
..for anyone waiting for the Space Grey refurb to come back in stock at Apple (which is £759.00). Next cheapest for this model new is £899 at Curry's. Originally released April 20… Read more
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It's not impossible


Just plug in a little chromecast device.


Like this but hate the 480p webcam which is awful.


That's what she said!


It's the only laptop you can actually use on your lap!

Apple iMac with Retina 5K display MF886B/A All-in-One Desktop Computer - Quad-core Intel Core i5 - 8GB RAM - 1TB - 27" @ KRCS £1199.00
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Posted 7th Mar 2016Posted 7th Mar 2016
Apple iMac with Retina 5K display MF886B/A All-in-One Desktop Computer - Quad-core Intel Core i5 - 8GB RAM - 1TB - 27" @ KRCS £1199.00
KRCS are having a big iMac clearance. All of which look good deals but this one looks very decent to me as it is the 5K with a 1TB Fusion Drive (makes a massive difference from sto… Read more
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That's the joke.


You'd better buy a custom dedicated gaming machine then. Apple are not interested in your target market.




My sis was looking at a MAC & her laptop has just had the chop (poor hard drive). Me thinks perhaps one should've bitten the bullet sooner! I'm quite tempted to tell her about this but something tells me she won't buy it. EDIT: I made the effort anyway, we'll see what happens.


I can only go by personal experience and have bought a fair few new and ex demo products and always been happy with them. The service in the store in Derby is great.

5% off Apple products @ KRCS
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
5% off Apple products @ KRCS
5% off Apple products at KRCS. I used this for a Price Match on an iPad with John Lewis :)
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I did it through the John Lewis website I think if it was instore it would have to be local to one of KRCS's stores.


how exactly did you go about the price match with john lewis? Can it be done instore? Thanks


bigger discount to be had if you but direct from Apple higher education store with the help of a friendly student. surely everyone must know a student....


iPhones not included.

iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB Gold - Ex Demo Unit £189.00 @ KRCS
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Posted 27th Dec 2015Posted 27th Dec 2015
iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB Gold - Ex Demo Unit £189.00 @ KRCS
Ex demo unit form KRCS store. Original packaging and accessories Good condition with 60 day KRCS warranty 7.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch displaywith IPStechnology and … Read more

Lol disinfectant wipe id rather wipe it and have another 2 or 3 years worth of updates with Touch ID and gold colour for same price tbh


​it will have more germs on it than your bog


iPad mini 2 gets hot but this dosent lol



10% off of the new 2015 Apple TV's at
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
10% off of the new 2015 Apple TV's at
First time I have seen it discounted, comes with 2 year warranty, good price for anyone that wants the new model with the App Store etc. 32GB model £116.10 instead of £129 64GB m… Read more
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Was a black Friday deal, deal should show as expired.


DIDNT WORK are now full price


I just worked on the basis that once you have bought the content it's yours, so as and when it fills up I can just delete and reinstall as and where needed. If you are transacting via iTunes then it should be pretty bullet proof. 64GB nice to have, but I have a 64GB iPad and have never come near filling it.


Just ordered the iPad Pro from KRCS. So tempted by this now. 32GB enough?


Agreed, but I bought 3 so postage not an issue, and I haven't seen them offered cheaper anywhere else.

iPad Pro 32gb / 128gb - KRCS
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
iPad Pro 32gb / 128gb - KRCS
I've been searching for a deal on a UK iPad pro and found this at official Apple resellers as part of their Black Friday promo iPad Pro 32gb - £624.67 iPad Pro 128g… Read more

Gutted! Mine arrived next day. Top bit of kit, well worth the wait!


Ordered one last week, told today that it wont be in stock until mid Dec, delivery end of Dec... >:(


Back to normal price now!


After hours of refreshing finally ordered one. Great for around £65 off


Astropad was the decider for me! Lots of good reviews giving preference over a Cintiq

Apple iMacs up to 10% off (two year warranty) KRCS Apple
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Posted 21st Aug 2015Posted 21st Aug 2015
Apple iMacs up to 10% off (two year warranty) KRCS Apple
Apple iMacs up to 10% off (two year warranty) from KRCS Apple online (I think they match in store) Ends this weekend The Apple iMac sits at the core of our Apple desktop range. A … Read more

It's only the 21.5 inch model that's 10% off. Nice find though as I hadn't heard of KRCS before so will keep an eye on them. I'm looking for a 27inch Retina model at a discount but haven't found one yet. Anyway, voted cold because it's Apple :)

iMac 27-inch Retina 5K discounts Saving from £274- Was £1999 - now only £1724.78 @ KRCS
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Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015
iMac 27-inch Retina 5K discounts Saving from £274- Was £1999 - now only £1724.78 @ KRCS
SAVE £274 Was £1999 - now only £1724.78 until March 22nd!

Great deal and like everyone says I don't know why people are voting this cold? I've seen this in person and am VERY tempted. I have the Apple 27 LED monitor at the moment and it's hard to go back to it after seeing how sharp this screen is. Considering the standalone Dell 27" 5k monitor is £1254 from PCBuyIt and you get a beautiful looking all in one computer powerful enough to drive the 5k display and connect up a 4k external monitor as well I think it's a great price! :D


This just shows how messed up this site's become....This is for the made to order top spec iMacs....An amazing deal works out about 14% off.... But it gets cold.....Then you have all the idiots voting hot on gaming laptops. If anyone knows a discount code on top of this....Just total amazing deal.


Heat - ignore the haters, this is a cracking deal


Can't imagine this is due for replacement, so this is just a straight up good deal. heat.


don't need one, don't want one, don't like Apple but that is still a bloody good price

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch i5 1.4GHz/4GB/256GB £853.60 @ KRCS
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Posted 24th Feb 2015Posted 24th Feb 2015
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch i5 1.4GHz/4GB/256GB £853.60 @ KRCS
Looks like a great price. Worth having a look if someone is looking to get one. MacBook Air 13-inch dual-core i5 1.4GHz/8GB/256GB = £853.60. ( Currently going for 999.00 on all ot… Read more
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the discount runs until 9th March, just looks like a straight money off on all MacBook Air's, no strings...nothing extra for education. They are a proper apple reseller too


do you still get any further education discount based on this price