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iPhone 12 pro 128gb - £989.02 @ KRCS
Posted 18th OctPosted 18th Oct
iPhone 12 pro 128gb - £989.02 @ KRCS£989.02£9991% Free P&P Free
Getting any money off an Apple device is a bonus especially the latest model. Might only be £10 off but there is also Quidco which has tracked at just under £19.
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If your an existing very customer you should have received a code in the post. The code is different for everyone.


Much cheaper than this out there


Hey, wondering how we get the 15% code? Cheers



iPhone SE 64GB RED (2020 Model) - £414.82 delivered @ KRCS
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
I know it's now a massive saving but still a saving and available for Launch unlike Apple or Three 64 128 256 available in all colours Details Lots to Love. Less to spend Thi… Read more
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It’s certainly hit and miss with out of warranty repairs, but it’s good to have a some consumer law on our side. Thank you for sharing this valuable information and your experience. By the way, Apple can repair phones, instore and/or by sending away, but it depends on the fault/damage. They do also swap outright if it’s something that can’t fix, though sometimes it’s with a certified refurbished phone. :)


Why has this gone cold? Normal price iPhone went scorching hot?


Thank you for sharing! There is no harm in trying. It will be at the top of my agenda once this lockdown is lifted.


I’ve had good results with it and standing my ground at the Genius Bar in Covent Garden Apple Store. Had both an iPad and an iPhone replaced out of warranty (as they don’t offer repairs on phones), so now buy all Apple products from them. I have a friend who had his MacBook completely fixed up out of warranty too. Their rep may have to speak to their manager to approve it under consumer law though. Some people have said they’ve not had any luck, so your mileage may vary, but there is no harm in asking. Just start out with, “I bought this mac from Apple and the speakers have stopped working” and go from there. If you get down a rabbit hole of being asked to pay for the repair outright ask about ‘consumer law repair’. The rules cover any defect which was present at manufacture, which would seem to be the case in your circumstances as both speakers have broken at different times, within the 6 year period.


WOW!! Thank you for this info! Does this really work? my MacBook 2015 was bought from Apple directly (under my apple ID) 4 years ago. A year ago, one of speakers was blown and then few months ago the other speaker broke. Now both speakers don’t work. My MacBook is in great condition. Do you believe I have a claim, or will I be wasting my time?

Save 10% off Macs at KRCS
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Save 10% off Macs at KRCS
This is 10% off the Apple price (not former KRCS price) but is still a good deal. Just picked up a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2.4GHz i9 8-core 32GB/1TB Space Grey 5500M 8GB for £3086.1… Read more

Decided to go ahead and order, thanks op


Yes they are


Aren't the Amazon ones sold by KRCS?


Also worth noting the BTO machines are limited on amazon, I can’t seem to configure the same spec I bought.


I've been hunting around for a good deal - just seen KRCS provide a 2 year warranty: Big thumbs up from me. Amazon are price matching this but only with 1 year warranty. Cheers op!

iPad Pro 3rd generation 11 inch 64Gb - £730.55 @ KRCS
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
iPad Pro 3rd generation 11 inch 64Gb - £730.55 @ KRCS£730.55
Reductions on all iPads. The best price I've seen for the latest iPad. 2 year guarantee. Buy Now Pay Later payment option available.
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OK, just spoke to them and my company is included and so i can get full access to on-line and warehouse. The on-line application doesn’t include my career-type, but just select anything and they will correct it in-store; i recommend Sea Captain, as it will make you more attractive to the ladies! Now just Need to work out whether I can save £33.60 by shopping there!


Didn’t realise they did this. Just checked membership for annual, on-line only and you would have to factor in £15 for that. Don’t think i can get in any other way, even though i work for a large company that we all know and love! Tried ‘individual’ registration, but the listed jobs are not of my ilk e.g. vet, sea captain and so on. Anyone know of any ‘methods’? I am a student of accounting, i think, but that won’t cut the mustard!


Not if you buy on line


Yeah just saw that - is that the best price at the moment - wonder if price will fall soon as very tempted :/


There’s a further £15 off with BLACKFRIDAY15 making £694 from Costco

10% off all Mac products.... New MacBook air just £1079 @ KRCS
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
10% off all Mac products.... New MacBook air just £1079 @ KRCS
Approved apple reseller.... 10% off and 10 months interest free finance!

I am actually (lol)


Same discount and 2 year warranty here guys;


£1000 is nothing these days sure I give that to the kids when they’re going the shop.


"just" £1079. Are you a salesman or something?


Voted hot tho

All new iPad Pro 11” & 12.9” discounted for pre orders @ KRCS
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
All new iPad Pro 11” & 12.9” discounted for pre orders @ KRCS£753
Right so this deal may not be for everyone, but please vote on the price not the product (or your opinion of said product). KRCS are offering various small discounts on the pre-o… Read more

They probably get excess stock or something, maybe even at some sort of trade price, less mark up to sell more? I'm not too sure, but best bet is, especially for something worth a lot of money, go with an authorised seller.


The 11” iPad Pro on Apple edu is £730 via UNiDAYS. The eBay ones are sourced outside of the uk. Apple don’t discount apart from education.


It’s 706 for 11inch. Is this the cheapest student place? I’m looking for iPad and I see many companies selling on eBay for £700-£730 where do they get them from?


If you are a student, beat of waiting for TheEduStore to see what they offer, currently waiting for them to add it to their inventory. They said end of this week and they have already removed the 12.9 old iPad Pros. Also an authorised Apple reseller


Sadly not everyone has access to student uni days