Krups coffee machine - £249.99 @ Amazon

Krups coffee machine - £249.99 @ Amazon

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Found 14th Dec 2018
KRUPS Arabica Manual EA817840 Automatic Espresso Machine / Silver
Key Features:
Fully automatic espresso machine for easy professional results at home
Compact, elegant design to fit any kitchen
Large 1.7L water tank and 250g bean container – make up to 10 coffees
Intuitive button controls and a rotary dial for ease
Customisable settings for tailor-made coffee drinks
Manual steam nozzle for café-quality cappuccino
With KRUPS Quattro Force for better coffee, four ways
‘Favourites’ button to store up to two recipes
Barista-quality Coffee Made Easy
Wish there was an effortless way to prepare professional espresso, long coffee and cappuccino drinks at home? There is: introducing the KRUPS Arabica Digital EA817040 fully automatic espresso machine.

Arabica Digital combines practical usability with impressive technology in a stylishly compact bean to cup coffee machine. Incredibly, this space-saving machine still manages to house an extra-large water tank and bean container – and that means more coffees with fewer refills.

The intuitive control panel with extra-large, easy-to-read LCD screen makes for ultra-easy operation. Customise your drinks for coffee just the way you like it, then save your favourite recipes for instant access next time. There’s even a manual steam nozzle for café-quality cappuccinos and lattes at home. Plus, optimising every step of the coffee-making process is KRUPS Quattro Force technology, for professional espresso with absolute ease.

A fitting design
A Classy Coffee Maker
With its all-new elegant design, featuring concealed screws and branded metal inserts, the sleek and stylish Arabica Digital will bring a touch of sophistication to your home. Meanwhile, its small footprint means it will fit comfortably in your kitchen without using up valuable worktop space.

Uncompromisingly Compact
Despite its small size, Arabica Digital houses a generous 1.7L water tank and 250g bean container –enough to prepare up to 10 coffees without you having to refill a thing. Convenience like this makes Arabica Digital one of the best coffee machines in its class.

Arabica Manual:
New elegant design with branded inserts for a modern touch
Small footprint to fit comfortably in any kitchen
Generous 1.7L water tank and 250g bean container – can make up to 10 coffees
Easy-to-use features

Intuitive Controls
The extra-large, easy-to-read LCD screen and push-button controls make Arabica Digital incredibly easy to use. Simply switch the machine on to begin preheating and place a cup under the height-adjustable coffee outlets. Then follow the onscreen prompts for a delicious espresso delivered straight to your cup.

Fully Customisable
Enjoy coffee tailored to your taste using Arabica Digital’s customisable settings. Choose from three temperatures and three grinding levels (the finer the grind, the stronger the coffee). Then customise your recipe using the +/- buttons to select your desired coffee strength, water volume and the number of cups.

Recipe Saver
The handy ‘favourites’ button lets you store two recipes for instant access. Simply customise your drink then hold down the ‘favourites’ button; your drink will be stored as profile ‘A’ or ‘B’. Next time you turn on the machine, press the ‘favourites’ button to select your profile then ‘start’ and Arabica Digital will do the rest.

Fuss-free Froth
The manual steam nozzle makes it easy to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Just press the steam button to begin preheating and fill your cup with milk. Immerse the nozzle then press the ‘start’ button (when prompted) to start frothing. It’s easy to clean too: just run the steam cycle to remove any milk traces or detach it for an intense clean.

KRUPS Quattro Force: Better Coffee, Four Ways

Rapid Grinding
A durable metal conical burr grinder – tested to complete up to 280,000 cycles without fault – grinds up to 20% faster* for an express espresso. That’ll come in handy on those rushed mornings!

Optimal Extraction
The UltraFlat Tamping system exerts a force of approximately 30kg to compress the coffee grounds evenly, ensuring a balanced flavour with uniform crema

Faultless Percolation
The Brewing Optimizer combines our patented Compact Thermoblock System with a 15-bar pump for consistently hot coffee from the very first cup and a full-bodied flavour.

Minimal Maintenance
The AutoClean Pressure System drains the Compact Thermoblock System automatically after each drink, limiting scale build-up for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

A family business, KRUPS was founded in 1846 by Robert KRUPS as a 'brand dedicated to precision and technical perfection'. With the launch of the first electric coffee grinders in 1956, KRUPS revolutionised the quality of home-ground coffee. Backed by 150 years' experience, today KRUPS is acclaimed throughout the world for high-quality coffee and espresso machines – from the traditional pump espresso to fully automated bean to cup coffee machines.
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Not a bad machine if your after ‘cheap and cheerful’ and don’t wish to steam milk.

I have several bean to cup machines (home and work) and have a very similar model. Krupps are fairy poor when it comes to reliability. Most people, including myself, find that the seals leak at about the 2 year mark. That said, at £250, this makes the machine effectively disposable as soon as anything breaks.

At this price then probably the cheapest machine you’ll find

Makes fairy average espresso shots
Steam function is fiddly, gets blocked easily, sometimes blows off into the cup
Does not have a remove-able brew-group which can be rinsed clean
Mixed Reviews on Amazon. Think i'd wait for a De,Longhi deal.
Takes up more kichen space than an upmarket instant coffee and far more expensive!!!
mcfadal31 m ago

Takes up more kichen space than an upmarket instant coffee and far more …Takes up more kichen space than an upmarket instant coffee and far more expensive!!!

If you think one of these machines produces coffee like instant, then stick with it. Same with any decent Champagne, if Lambrini is your taste, why spend more.
We've had our Krups bean to cup, very similar to this but black, for 4 months and not had an instant coffee since. We get very good results with grinder set to finest and strength at Max. Son has a Delongi and thinks ours gives a better coffee. We all like strong coffee. Admitted the steam wand needs cleaning after every use , isn't that the case with all steam wands?
I got a very similar one to this from after a deal was posted here after having two delonghi machines with reliability issues. I am happy with the quality of the coffee from the krups, but it appears to use a Lot more coffee beans to produce a similar size and strength to all my previous bean to cup machines.
Now £369.99
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