Krups Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine - Electric Red (XN300640) - - £42.86 (RRP £139.99 - SAVE 69%) Free Delivery or Express Delivery £2 Extra (Oh and don't forget £40 Voucher from Nespresso)

Krups Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine - Electric Red (XN300640) - - £42.86 (RRP £139.99 - SAVE 69%) Free Delivery or Express Delivery £2 Extra (Oh and don't forget £40 Voucher from Nespresso)

Found 2nd Apr 2013
This is the cheapest I've seen for this machine, Just ordered one... site gets good reviews….uk

Voucher -…age

Krups Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine - Electric Red (XN300640)

The Pixie is Nespresso's smallest machine yet, with its ultra compact brewing unit making it just 11cm wide. Small enough for any size of kitchen. With its 'power-off' settings, The Pixie can save energy by up to 40%. The machine switches off 30 minutes after its last use, but this can be changed to 9 minutes for even more energy saving. It has attractive side panels which have been made from recycled capsules, making it an extremely eco-friendly machine. It has a newly improved 'Thermoblock' instant water heating system which means it is ready to use within 25 seconds after being switched on. The Pixie uses Nespresso capsules, with an ergonomic insertion and ejection system. Raise the bar to put your capsule in, push it down to secure it. Make your coffee and then once finished, the machine automatically ejects the capsule into a removable compartment; no mess, no fuss. It has a 0.7 litre removable water tank, making it really easy to fill and clean, which also detects when the water level is too low, and illuminates to warn you. The Nespresso Pixie is guaranteed for 3 years, and includes Nespresso's home collection service. Nespresso will also loan you a machine if yours is faulty, subject to availability. Dimensions: 235mm (H) x 326mm (L) x 111mm (W).
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Looks cheap but again cold votes, I can't work this site out!
WOOOOOW! This is incredibly cheap for a Nespresso unit! If I didn't have a Tassimo which I was already enjoying, I'd be all over this. Extremely hot deal!
I never expect hot votes, couldn't care less as long as someone gets a bargain.

I also have a Tassimo but not overly impressed with the Coffee, I and up heating milk and adding the only decent one I can find which is the Carte Noire Expresso Classic to the hot milk, so figured I might as well get this.

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Excellent price, even before the £40 capsule credit.
Brilliant! thanks for posting this.
Also found this one (different model) that is cheaper, but it's not red and cool looking, which is obviously important for a Coffee Machine. Lol…444
That is an incredible price, wow!

EDIT - The cheaper Nespresso U posted above is even better.
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Can you buy 2 and claim the £40 in the same name?
you can use 2 £40 vouchers per household
Guys I ordered this from their ebay store on Thursday last week, they sent me an email Monday saying they cant locate any in their warehouse. Good Luck!
Pay with paypal!
Sites crashed
It's a good name for the site which seems to be pants today.
Sites down
Sites crashed
its still working
just takes a while to load
Wish I had seen this before ordering the Tassimo one this morning - oh well - P.s this is expired but its still showing on the site - Voted hot!
great buy
still available great price heat added

well if it let me you would have had heat but sadly it isnt letting me
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Wont let me place order
Had one of these since Christmas, makes an awesome coffee.
Also as well as the 40 quid voucher you get a decent first time coffee order special offer too.
Just managed to order one, I wanted red, so seems not expired, didn't like CC, but worked with PPal
Cheers, just bought one after clicking on buy now 6 times
managed to order one
Order placed hopefully honored and in stock. PP the way forward.
Also got one using Paypal
Not expired. Just ordered via PayPal.
not expired. thanks op

Looks cheap but again cold votes, I can't work this site out!

I have the same issue. You post a deal and within second, there are cold votes so surely nobody has had a chance to read and analyse the validity of the deal. Unless it's a 4 pack of chocolate bars for a quid, its not worth posting sometimes...
just tried to order, on last page, price goes back to 100 odd pounds
Yeh back on £140 for me. Anyone still getting an order through? I'm desperate for one of these!
Is the pixie better than the U Pulse? Apparently it will come back in stock in 7-10 days and isnt a mis-price (from the U Pulse thread)
Worked for me... cheers op
Yeh just got my order in
The price has gone back up now, bloody good buy when my order finally went through!
Hot very hot! Thanks

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well im in before the "im taking them to court" lot.
Edited by: "danboi63" 2nd Apr 2013
If this is an error, any thoughts on whether it will be honoured? Does paying via PayPal make any difference?
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