Ksana Android Watchface STILL FREE (was 99p) Limited Time @ PlayStore

Ksana Android Watchface STILL FREE (was 99p) Limited Time @ PlayStore

Found 6th Oct 2017Edited by:"Muyhee"
Highly customizable analog & digital interactive Android Wear watch face app

Ksana Sweep combines classic style with ultra modern smartwatch features & offers a multitude of customization's.


any of the provided backgrounds, or add your own via a Wear 2.0

complication app. Choose an accent color that blends with your

background. Perhaps a smooth sweeping second hand & roman numerals?


can customize Ksana Sweep to be very informative with step counter,

calendar, world clock, watch & phone battery level indicators,

digital clock, date, missed calls, unread text messages, app shortcuts

to installed apps + any complications provided by other apps (e.g. weather, sports & fitness data) on Android Wear 2.0.

Or you can be more minimalistic. Perhaps just date, calendar, battery & a world clock?
And - no matter how you want Ksana Sweep to look, & what complications you want to display - you can make changes from both your watch & phone!

A top modern, clean, elegant & luxury watch face for both round & square Android Wear watches.


• Change accent color
• Change background (carbon, metal, linen, space, black, or custom on wear 2.0)
• Multiple ambient modes
• Adjust second hand (sweeping, ticking or off [no second hand])
• Choose dial numerals / numbers (western arabic [12,11], roman [XI, I] or off [no dial numerals])

Add app shortcuts to any app. Not just built-in apps such as Weather or

Heart rate. Perhaps a shortcut for a health & fitness app to a

• Personalize monogram
• Customize text below logo
• Modify notification cards
• Modify display sleep
• Presets (save, apply, import & share watch faces)

Let it snow on your watch (& choose when you want that Christmas

feeling / snowfall effect [immediately or around Christmas])
• Force English language for months & weekdays
• Burn-in protected
• Ambient mode as luxury & carefully designed as interactive mode.
• Ultimate readability
• Adjusts for chin (e.g. Moto 360)

5 interactive areas

• Upper top
• Lower top
• Left
• Right
• Bottom

With a tap on a content area it will expand & display its content in more detail.

Ex 1:

If you've chosen date for lower top area it will display the date in

short form when minimized, & a full calendar view with the day of

month highlighted when maximized.

Ex 2: When a Step

counter is chosen for a content area it will display your steps when

minimized, & both steps & step goal (with larger text) when


To open a full details view, either double tap or tap a maximized complication's top right action button.


• Data provided by installed apps (with Wear 2.0 complication: e.g. weather, activity tracking & fitness)
• Steps (Google Fit)
• Date (day, month, weekday)
• Calendar

World clocks (multi time zones [world time, not just dual; but

quadruple]. Up to 3 analog & 1 digital world clocks for any time

zone, custom name [e.g. NYC for New York])
• Missed calls (+excerpt of last call)
• Unread SMS (+excerpt of last text message)
• Watch battery level
• Phone battery level
• Watch & phone battery levels combined
• 24/12 hour digital clocks
• Brand / custom text
• Logo: monogram, emoji (e.g. ☂ , ☸)

Watch face settings

All customization's can - unlike on many watch faces - be done from your watch.

Settings on smartwatch:

- Long press the watch face

Settings via phone:

- tap Ksana Sweep icon on your phone
- or tap Ksana Sweep gear icon in the Android Wear app (in the list of watch faces)
- or tap "Open on phone" in Ksana settings on your smartwatch

Designed for Android Wear watches such as

Moto 360, Moto 360 v2 / Sport
TAG Heuer
Fossil Q
Michael Kors
LG Watch Sport / Style / Urbane
LG G Watch / R
Samsung Gear Live
Asus ZenWatch
Nixon Mission
Polar M600
Sony Smartwatch 3
Movado Connect
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If i wanted to use this on gear s3 classic do i have to conect this android wear ?
Heat !
Just installed and it looks cracking.
Hardawan2 h, 43 m ago

If i wanted to use this on gear s3 classic do i have to conect this …If i wanted to use this on gear s3 classic do i have to conect this android wear ?

Sorry, i'm not sure. Please contact the developer via the product page on playstore.
Bingstroller2 h, 39 m ago

Heat !Just installed and it looks cracking.Thanks.

You're welcome. Enjoy!
It's not expired?
Thanks for this, still hasn't expired btw
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