KTC Canned beans/tomatoes/pulses 4 for £1 Asda

KTC Canned beans/tomatoes/pulses 4 for £1 Asda

LocalFound 21st May 2017
Asda have Ktc branded canned beans/pulses /tomatoes on 4 for £1 or 38-45p each. Good saving at its normally 3 for £1. groceries.asda.com/pro…182
KTC Kala Chana in Salted Water
KTC Chick Peas in Salted Water
KTC Plum Tomatoes in Tomato Juice
KTC Red Kidney Beans in Water
KTC Black Eyed Beans in Water
KTC White Kidney Beans in Water
KTC Rosecoco Beans in Water
KTC Chilli Beans in a Spicy Tomato Sauce
KTC Chopped Tomato in Tomato Juice
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can't see online
The deal is back again. It was available about 5 weeks or even less ago, its on here somewhere. What I thought was good is when Asda came out with it last time Morrison's decided to do the same; extremely handy for those with only Morrison's close by.
This deal sets my pulses racing - goodness gracious meeeeee!
I tried the chilli beans but the sauce was very watery and nowhere near as tasty as the Tesco beans in sauce. I suppose you get what you pay for.
Bought in Morrisons last week at this price but now gone up to £1.28 but the other canned veg KTC range are £1 for 4.
Might be handier for some...
Edited by: "morrig" 22nd May 2017
Ramadan offer - same in morrisons too
Cold ....not KFC.
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