KTC Pure Butter Ghee (2Kg) for £4.49 @ Tesco

KTC Pure Butter Ghee (2Kg) for £4.49 @ Tesco

LocalFound 1st Jul 2012
The best butter ghee made from finest quality butter.
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r u sure ???
Yes I am sure is available in Tesco national wide
triple bypass anyone?
Why do you need 2 kilo's of it oO
knowing some people's answers on here I really DON'T want to know.
Good price thanks
Ghee wizz that's a lot of butter
It's revolting stuff... Look how fat my profile pic is......That's me in the pink.
that's really cheap

that's really cheap

Cheap way of increasing the risk of a heart attack.
The TV series The Man Who Made Us Fat was very informative. It's sugar who is the culprit not fat.

a heart attack in a tub ...
Any proof for this, the link does not take to the offer. M pretty sure this is the price for 1KG (even then its a good deal).
£4.49 for 2 KGs, cant believe.
Can you tell me the address and the phone number for that store,please just to make sure that they still have the deal until now.
Thank you.
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