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KTC Sunflower Oil 5L £8.50 @ Sainsbury's

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Pure Sunflower Oil 5ltr

For all frying, baking & salads

High in polyunsaturates and vitamin E

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Suitable for vegetarians
Kosher - KLBD

Safety Information
Do not stand bottle on hot surfaces.
Do not return hot oil into the container.
Transport Upright.

Country of Origin
Packed in United Kingdom

At ambient temperatures, off the floor in a clean dry area.
Keep away from odorous materials and direct sunlight.
Best Before End: See side of bottle

Useful Links
Store Locator stores.sainsburys.co.uk/
Help Centre help.sainsburys.co.uk/help
Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Yay...Finally!! I've been waiting to use my Nectar points on cooking oil. I've been seeing lots of vlogs and articles stating seed oils are bad for you. What alternatives are there for deep frying if seed oils aren't good.
    Try not to pay attention to online articles or vlogs for health advice, stick to reliable sources. Moderation is key, too much of anything that could be considered “healthy” can be bad.

    The reason oils like rapeseed are used for deep frying is because it has a high smoke point, I.e it won’t start burning/smoking until a very high temperature.

    But if you’re deep frying food I honestly don’t think it’ll make much difference if you use organic cold pressed safflower oil or bog standard rapeseed oil.
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    Paid £8 at the food warehouse Bradford
    On my way to Bradford from London to save £0.50
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    Good price
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    Good value, but if you want to live longer, avoid it.
    Avoid breathing polluted air too?
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    I personally feel that Sainsburys' (specially world food) stock gets old on shelf , number of times I have experienced that things are getting bad, smells and taste different, recently I had to throw whole pack of flour in bin as it was upsetting stomach !
    I have observed this for world food products only - I like to buy other things from Sainsburys,
    Anybody else experience similar ?
    Are those in paper packaging type? In my local, I find they tend to get bashed or find a few tears. Poor handling due to packaging and weight possibly? I don't buy bashed canned products, torn packaging, rusty or stained to be on the safe side.
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    Good price as in Tesco cost £6+ for 3L bottle (edited)
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    Asda 3 litres in Garston.

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    £1.70 per litre lol
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    I remember not so long ago buying this instead of diesel because it was significantly cheaper