KTC Tomato Ketchup 4.5kg only £3 @ morrisons

KTC Tomato Ketchup 4.5kg only £3 @ morrisons



I'll bet this is dead watery and vinegary. KTC = Ketchup That's Cr4p.

Edited by: "Locko" 2nd Jul 2013
thought it said KFC LOL
Which store?
It will do for cleaning out the drains!
Don't bother with this, its horrible. I only paid a couple of quid for it!
lol - 4.5kg - you want a drip feed for that?
Depends as some tomato sauce i.e. the squeezys form Aldi actually help make a good base for a curry
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I think KTC is a well-known brand because I recognize the packaging from somewhere before. You really can't go wrong for £3.

Especially if you own a fast-food place, you'd not really care what you give to your customers if it’s saving you money lol.

It's worth a try at the price, if you'd be able to find a smaller bottle cheaper get that first and see how it's like.
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