Kung Fu Panda DVD £3.39 delivered @ select cheaper+ 5% quidco

Kung Fu Panda DVD £3.39 delivered @ select cheaper+ 5% quidco

Found 9th Dec 2009
in stock but low so be quick.
free delivery
5% quidco.
cheaper than zavvi's deal last week of £3.85 with the voucher which cost 25p on top to send via text-price has now gone up to £5.85 so even with voucher this deal is cheaper for £3.39.

animated family adventure about a panda named po (voiced by jack black) who works in his father's noodle restaurant. po's father (james hong) wants him to take over the restaurant one day, but po really wants to learn kung fu. the problem is, with his weight and size - and his clumsiness - po doesn't seem cut out for kung fu. but then, by accident, he is thrown into the world of the great martial artist, master oogway (voice of randall duk kim), who believes that po is the legendary dragon warrior. according to oogway's vision, the dragon warrior will save the valley of peace from the evil snow leopard, tai lung (voice of ian mcshane). the man given the task of training po is master shifu (voice of dustin hoffman), but shifu cannot believe that po is really the dragon warrior. after all, shifu has already trained the furious five, and he believes that one of them is the dragon warrior. so, po must try to convince shifu and the jealous furious five - and himself - that he really is the greatest kung fu master in the valley.

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