KURT GEIGER up to 75% OFF SALE! (+£20 off £50 code)

KURT GEIGER up to 75% OFF SALE! (+£20 off £50 code)

Found 6th Jan 2011Made hot 6th Jan 2011
Women and men shoes,
Some great bargains to be had
Especially with still working code (KGWELCOME10) for £20 off £50!
It works for the first online order, but you can always open new account with different e-mail


this is amazing!!! ive always drooled over these shoes but could never justify the price tag!
however i can afford these!!

Just got some beautiful shoes! thank you x

Thanks just ordered two lovely pairs for £41.99 have had flu this week so the other half said he would treat me. xx

Nice, thank you!

Quidco too Thank you got 2 pair of boots.

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I did quidco too, but I remember them cancelling it because of the voucher (previous orders)
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thanks great pair of shoes for £69.99 rather than £195.

just ordered. thanks

thanks just ordered a pair of ugg trainers that are in the sale for £65 this took the down to £45! what a bargain. Hot from me

Looks like it's so popular that the website has crashed!!

can anyone get on the site?

can't get on the site, is anyone having the same problem


Looks like it's so popular that the website has crashed!!

crap had items in basket and couldn't go any further

me too.. I NEED those shoes, dammit!

I bought my first pair of KG's back in March and they feel like carpet slippers, sooooo worth the money. The wife has a number of Cavellas too and they're nice, but not as nice as KG.

seems to be working for me now

lucky you - still no luck for me!

I also had items in the basket and then it crashed! never mind, i will get these items! HOT!

Great deal, just wished I could get on to the site...


Can everybody get off the site please, I neeeeeed some of these!!

Oh dear, they hosting this on a 56k link?!

trying to get on

i cant get on the site grrrrrrrrrr

I think their web site is "poorly" lol can't get on


Server error. Looks like they've never had so much traffic before. Poop

If you manage to get onto the site but they don't have your size you can call them, give them the product name and they will track down stock in your size - give you the contact details and all their stores and concessions deliver - top service!

right, I'm going to bed.. don't anyone buy my shoes!

i think i'm going to give up soon

Prob wont come back on till they notice tomorrow

getting quicker for me. People going to bed

code doesnt work <-- EDIT: sorry it works.

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took me the best part of 3 hrs but im sure i will be in the good books with SWMBO ! i had the website on my ipad, iphone pc and netbook ! how sad. good luck all

Finally managed to place my order

me too!

yay i finally managed to check out, ordered 4 pairs with the plan of picking one or two

Took a while, still not sure if my bank verification went through ok - but there's a 'pending' order in my account.

Are KG shoes of a very good quality, or do people just pay for the brand - spotted some nice shoes I like, but the prices seem steep.

KG shoes are cheaper than Kurt Geiger shoes.

KG shoes are normally made in China.

Kurt Geiger ones are made in Italy.

Hope this helps!

I meant Kurt Geiger - was just shortening the name out of laze!
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