Kwai One-A-Day Garlic tablets, £6.97 + 3 for 2 (usually around £13) @ Tesco

Kwai One-A-Day Garlic tablets, £6.97 + 3 for 2 (usually around £13) @ Tesco

Found 26th Mar 2011
Kwai's garlic tablets are a painless way of getting a high dose of whiff-free garlic into your body each day. Garlic is great for the heart.

I've been using these tablets for a couple of years, and it's normally around £12-13 for a box of 100. Tesco is currently selling them for £6.97 and they are also on 3-for-2, making them a bargainous £4.65 a packet.

We cleared the last six packets out of the Gillette Corner Tesco. Go get 'em!

Note, these are the pricier One-A-Day tablets. Kwai also do a lower dose, cheaper style of tablet, but you have to take around 3 a day for the full dose, which tends to make them more expensive overall.
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Whilst the price of these is very good compared to the normal price of Kwai I do question the need to buy a brand name.

As an example these ones from Simply Supplements are odourless and have 500mg of garlic compared to 300mg with Kwai and are £8.99 for 360 tablets or £4.49 for 120.…ff/

I don't take garlic so am no expert on garlic (so stand to be corrected on why Kwai is better) but take other supplements which I source on the net instead of stores saving 75% on their prices in some cases
You may well be right about 'brand names' over the ones linked to, but Allicin is the key beneficial ingredient, and the Kwai tablets do guarantee the amount you receive. @chrisdoran's link has tablet with 10% more than the Kwai, so look good. @Searcher2's link doesn't specify.

I am perhaps a bit too wary of buying drugs online, so this tip is one of "if you prefer to buy your supplements in a retail store, this is a considerably better price than it usually is"!
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