kwik fit - 25% reduction for pirelli tyres

kwik fit - 25% reduction for pirelli tyres

Found 21st Sep 2013
Kwik Fit Centres are currently running a "25% off Pirelli tyres" promotion. This is only applicable to the full price set in your local Kwik Fit Centre, and does not apply to

It is based on a comparison between the current full price and previous full price of all tyres available at any individual Kwik Fit retail centre (where 'previous full price' refers to the period 01.07.13 to 31.07.13).

Discount applies to tyre price only and not any other tyre-related products or services purchased at the time of transaction. This offer will be available in all Kwik Fit Centres only until 30th September 2013
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So now with 25% reduction is the kwikfit price competitive?

Aren't they the ones that are designed to fail after 40 miles so you have to go and get a new set?

Oh wait, wait ... that's Formula 1 ...
Would you let a Kwik Fit monkey anywhere near your car? I wouldn't having seen what they can do just changing a type.
Looked on the website for the price of the tyres. With 25% off I thought they would be very competitive. Went it to book my car in, but the prices are way above normal and the 25% doesn't even compete with its own website. Rubbish deal.

Would you let a Kwik Fit monkey anywhere near your car? I wouldn't having … Would you let a Kwik Fit monkey anywhere near your car? I wouldn't having seen what they can do just changing a type.

I agree big time, I am also one of the unlucky ones that have had nasty dealings with this unscrupulous company and it's monkeys! I wouldn't have tyres from this company even if they were free as I have a little more respect for life than they do
Have to say I recently used their mobile service and was quite impressed with the service I received. The price of the tyres I bought were actually competitively priced. I only went with them because of the reviews they get on trust pilot, which are very good.
I would pay to avoid these guys 30. Years and they still use every trick and pay £2 p h to apprentice
Still they need some mugs
If you're normally a kwikfit customer this is a fantastic deal, but those looking for deals should shop around the net as the major ones have contracts with local fitters and you have a price to compare with.
No way would i buy from this company.
according to an article in the daily telegraph motoroing supplement - tyres need to be bought `fresh` - steve howat at continental tyres sez "...age-related cracking might's all down to how the tyre is used...they need to have a good workout to remain in tip-top condition".

t...he younger the tyre you buy, the more life it will have in it. you can tell this by a panel on the side of every tyre. there are four figures usually preceded by the letters DOT. the figures denote the week number and the year that the tyre was manufactured...
I always go in Kwik Fit with a price and they usually match it.
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