KWorld PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro £13.42 @ MicroDirect
KWorld PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro £13.42 @ MicroDirect

KWorld PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro £13.42 @ MicroDirect

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With this stick, you may travel the world, and experience the rich and diverse culture embedded in all digital

DVB-T TV programs, without the hassle of restricting the experience in the cold dark hotel room. Instead, use

your laptop along with KWorld PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro, and enjoy the program while sun-tanning on the beach!!

Supports Digital DVB-T TV and HDTV

For supporting the worldwide digital DVB-T TV system, KWorld. PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro supports HDTV-quality. With this stick, you may enjoy your favorite programs in the highest video and audio quality provided by your local networks. One of the gimmicks of digital DVB-T TV is the additional information you can also receive, made available by your local networks. With KWorld PlusTV DVB-T Stick Pro, you may access functions such as the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Subtitle and Teletext,


Don't forget £2.99 for standard postage

+ 3.00 quid delivery.
Should add that too

Says out of stock!

Check that you won't need additional aerial feed too, and just be within a strong signal aerial to pick up transmissions. If it's permanently out of stock, expire though

May be in stock in store, if anyone near, or consider an alternative product, such as this from Amazon's site- amazon.co.uk/pro…ing

which gets good to dreadful reviews.

I picked up a KWorld dual tuner DVB-T USB stick recently from eBay for £20 delivered; it was new and boxed and I think the seller has about a dozen of them.
I’ve been very happy with it although I only installed the driver and not the software as the bundled stuff with TV cards tends to be terrible.

Ive got one of these new from ebay for a fiver.Took me awhile to get it to work with vista mce (its meant to work out the box) had to download and install the windows mce tv pack in the end so be aware before you buy.Good buy never less.

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I am new to ukhotdeals and I should have included delivery - sorry everyone concerned but for £16 for a tv tuner card like this you cant go wrong surely!!

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