L4D2 £22.49 + Other good deals @ Steam

L4D2 £22.49 + Other good deals @ Steam

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New set of deals for the Steam holiday doo dah, incase anyone missed the original post. Minininjas £14.99, Dead Space £7.49, KOTOR £1.74



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Also the 4 pack of L4D2 is reduced so each copy essentially costs around £16.87 =)

]>>>>>>Left 4 Dead 2

nice one

Thanks Valve, I bought this exactly 1 week ago. Cheeky sods.
Luckily I paid £22.49 as I had an Amazon voucher, but annoying all the same.

Any L4D players should join the HUKD Steam group for some excellent multiplayer http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/540278/l4d2-22-49-other-good-deals-steam/../540303/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

Is this much better than L4D.

I have played both demos and this follow up doesnt seem quite as entertaining, albeit it is still quite fun, but the L4D2 demo is too short to really tell.

L4D2 is alot longer than L4D, with more gameplay modes to play and the new vs infected is great.

I paid just over £20 by splitting a preorder 4 pack between 4 of us (it was £80.97 for 4 keys), so I don't consider the £22.49 offer particularly hot but I am voting hot because in the second post clifbel points out you can get 4 keys for around £16.87 each - not THAT is a hot deal. Personally I'd edit the first post to include that.

Will this expire at 4pm like the other 1 day deals, or is it all weekend?


Please, no private deal posts &/or group purchase requests - this is a deal thread & private sales are not allowed in this forum. Relevant posts deleted - please DO NOT repost.

Just a heads up for those who play with foreign friends - STEAM use their own exchange rates, so we're getting a really good deal for less than £17 a copy that our EU friends might not get. I've just split a 4-pack purchase between myself, boyfriend and two friends (swedish) and even with PayPal exchange fees/rates it works out much much cheaper for them than they could ever get in their own currencies

for those that missed out on L4D2 the best deal for a hard copy (Disc, and case etc) is at ]http//ww…-de

works out just less than this deal was in the end, and you have no download and an actual CD
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