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La Chouffe Strong Blonde Golden Ale 330Ml £1.50 each (4 for £6) at Morrisons

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Decent deal at Morrisons - La Chouffe (Duvel the same price)

  • Strong Beer
  • "World Beer Awards: Best Red Beer" - 2020 - Gold

  • La Chouffe has a palate with citrus notes followed by a refreshing, pleasantly spicy note, giving it a lovely lightness. The taste is best described as slightly hoppy, with notes of fresh coriander and fruity. This Belgian specialty beer is high in bitterness, strength and spice.
  • Legend of the brew
  • La Chouffe is a Belgian Ale, which is unfiltered and re-fermented in the bottle. Marcel, the most fearless of our dwarfs, is the main artisans involved in making La Chouffe. He goes around the brewing equipment in brewery Achouffe, quickly tastes the blond beer and shares the brew with beer lovers everywhere. The recipe of La Chouffe was found by the gnomes of the Valley of the Fairies in an old grimoire. They say it accounts for their joie de vivre, or maybe they just really like to sneak a drink.
  • A gulp of this beer will awaken the gnome inside you.
  • Food recommendations:
  • La Chouffe combines well with greens like fennel, broccoli, asparagus, coriander and chives. Besides that La Chouffe also works great with salmon, tuna, lobster, mussels, seasoned sushi, veal, chicken and quail. The website of Chouffe offers many recipes that feature this golden ale as an ingredient.
  • Chouffe beers need to be poured very carefully. To get a frothy foam pour 2/3 of the beer at an angle of 45°. With the glass upright, pour in the rest of the beer and get a wonderfully thick and creamy head.



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La Chouffe - Belgian Strong Blonde - Jordys Beer Reviews(2022)

New In Tesco - La Chouffe Blonde Belgian Beer Review(2022)

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Morrisons More details at Morrisons
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.

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  1. Avatar
    How does this compare to Duvel?
    Awakens your inner gnome.
  2. Avatar
    Nice session beer 8% (edited)
  3. Avatar
    "A gulp of this beer will awaken the gnome inside you."

    That's a cracking slogan- I'm in!
    There's a gnome inside of me? How much did I drink?
  4. Avatar
    Chouffing good deal
  5. Avatar
    £2 each in Blackpool store
  6. Avatar
    Same deal at Asda. We've just stocked up.
  7. Avatar
    Nice.... Shame I can't drink anymore due to my meds...
  8. Avatar
    Wonderful stuff. My favorite session Belgian beer, strong but very drinkable.
  9. Avatar
    Bought it on the 4 for 3 offer yesterday at Asda.
  10. Avatar
    I was just eyeing this up in DFDS Dunkirk at this price. Decided against it. Feel good now!
  11. Avatar
    Wasn't that the villain Casino Royale?
  12. Avatar
    Heat. You mention Duvel is the same price... It's more expensive than the La Chouffe. £2.50..4 for £7.50. Cheaper at Asda I believe, 4 for £6.

    Most certainly worth looking through ALL of Morrisons (and Asda's) 4 for 3 beer offers, great value, some cracking beers included!
  13. Avatar
    Ooooo need to get out of snow to go
  14. Avatar
    99p in B&M in Larne NI. I bought them all lol. Very nice.
  15. Avatar
    Nice beer. Very tasty
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