La Femme Nikita/ Subway  ( 2 disc )  (dvd)  £5.99 delivered@Powerplay Direct

La Femme Nikita/ Subway ( 2 disc ) (dvd) £5.99 [email protected] Direct

Found 12th May 2009Made hot 13th May 2009
Double bill of French drama movies. In 'Nikita' (1990), Anne Parillaud plays Nikita, a nihilistic punk who is given a life sentence for killing a policeman. Without warning she is transferred to a secret training centre where the mysterious Bob (Tch? Karyo) transforms her into a ruthless government assassin. 'Subway' (1985) portrays life underground for the denizens of the Metro. Christopher Lambert plays a thief who robs a house and hides out in the subway, only to discover a huge subculture existing under the Paris streets.


Have some heat!

Nikita is a fantastic film... well worth a watch.

2 great films when Luc Besson was good (and not semi-retired)



2 great films when Luc Besson was good (and not semi-retired)nice

erm,, he made ANGEL-A only a couple of years ago, and its one of the most beautifull and brillaint films Ive ever seen, check it out.........
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