LA Noire PS4/XB1 £22 @Tesco

LA Noire PS4/XB1 £22 @Tesco

LocalFound 19th Dec 2017
Hey guys, in Tesco (Trent Vale), noticed this on shelf for £22.

Same price on Tesco Direct (linked PS4 version).

Matches recent Amazon price, which is now back up to £34!

Hope this helps someone!

Edit: as pointed out by Dr_Bawbag, this is a national deal to be clear.

Also sorry about the image, silly app cropped out the price!
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It's national. Liked the game first time around, but it's one of those games that massively loses its appeal after the 1st completion. That aside, it's one of the very few games that have actually made me laugh out loud. That chavanistic cop (Rusty, I think?) was hilarious.
This game is doodoo
akuakuu11 m ago

This game is doodoo

Well that's a lie.....
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