La Senza - 2 Bras for £15 (usually £12 each)

La Senza - 2 Bras for £15 (usually £12 each)

Found 19th Sep 2007
3 Way T-Shirt Bras.

Usually £10-£12.

Now on Offer 2 for £15. (Selected Styles)


They only go up to an 'E' Cup:x but voted hot anyway:thumbsup:

dont forge 14% quidco

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Sorry for only going to E-Cup.
Is that girl in the picture an E-Cup?
Thanks for the hottage anyhow.
I wouldn't know anyhow, I am a bloke and they don't sell Moob Bra's here.

I loveeee la senza, I spend an absolute fortune on that website :giggle:

Thanks EyeDoubleYou, voted hot xx

My g/f is happy, and I've got bonus points. Well done sir!

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Is that what you bought for yourself or you making a suggestion to all the blokes on her on how to treat their women. :-D

Yeah £15 for 2 Bras is better than paying £40 for one, some other lingerie shops cost a fortune. Also you can get the little gift box aswell.

Lol I just thought those ones were cute

Little gift box also has tissue paper & smelly beads in that I love

(Oh & the free wee gift card... Don't forget that if you're buying pressies guys)

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Is the Gift card that important?

Well I never, You see, we will never understand women.

Yup! It's lovely getting that little envelope & card with something nice written on! Even better if there's something sexy written on it... :giggle:


Thanks EyeDoubleYou, good price for 2 cute bras

Does any1 know if La Senza do maternity support bras instore?Cos can't see any online on their site.
We did have a Contessa here but it got take over by La Senza and since Mothercare shut down and is now another £ shop,theres only M&S left without going out of town.

It's all made in China from La Senza (quite cheaply) there again most things are now.

wow! howmany categories of bra's are there by the way?? this i assume is t-shirt one LOL

Thanks voted hot

Voted hot but no idea why I clicked on this.
Who am I kidding - finally cross dressing becomes more affordable

Voted hot purely! more pics of women in underwear please!

Seriously though thanks Ive passed this onto my mate she says thanks.
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