La Senza Sale - Many Items 50% off - Starts Online Wed 3rd Oct @ noon
La Senza Sale - Many Items 50% off - Starts Online Wed 3rd Oct @ noon

La Senza Sale - Many Items 50% off - Starts Online Wed 3rd Oct @ noon

I've seen a few items reduced more than 50% off.
Sale doesn't start instore till Thursday 4th October.


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Thanks for the heads up saintscouple

Thanks - v useful as I have an anniversary SWIMBO's birthday and Christmas coming up.

Thanks saintscouple xx

So any Bargains anyone wishes to highlight.

Its starts at 12 bells and I am in work thus don't have time to browse pictures of ladies in lingerie.

Could do with some help to show the highlights.


Thanks, just spent far too much:oops:

some great pj sets ideal for xmas hot


Thanks saintscouple, lots of bargains to be had ... just spent a small fortune !:)

Don't forget to use Quidco - 14%

cheers,just bought a few things.
hope the gf doesn't mind, only used figleaves before. Are la senza OK - they don't look as nice.

Ordering tons of this stuff for me gf, shes very grateful, and so am I :thumbsup: cheers!

[SIZE=2]Fab, thanks, just placed an order. I love La Senza.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]There are some good bargains, bras reduced to £5, 5 for £5 knickers and half price pajamas. [/SIZE]


Oh gosh that's another £80 spend :cry: :giggle: Suppose it's for a good cause though and I'm sure hubby won't mind :lol:

Thank you :-D bought a few things at 12pm,ie practical stuff -eeyore pj's, 5 knickers for £5 etc but with being in hurry did not get to look at sale properly. Gone back and missed out on soft dressing gown from £30 to £9!! and missed out on nice saucy stuff :cry: P.s could have spent a fortune!!

Thanks, some lovely stuff here, and at 50% off how could I resist!!!

[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"][SIZE="4"]I[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"] always wait for the La Senza sales to buy all my underwear and PJ's. I think i've spent about a whole months wages on myself and have also bought loads of knickers for peoples xmas boxes. :santa:

The must not hold much stock, as all the good things go within the hour of the sale starting.

Does anyone know when the next big sale is? Will it be in January? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]


thanks op, some shopping hubby doesn't object to funnily enough.....:whistling:

Active Now.



Active Now.

are you dear

bought some things yest before 12pm and sale was on but today got an e-mail saying that over half my stuff is no longer in stock:w00t: ie did not get my 5knickers for £5!!:cry: They were really nice too :-( Even though it took me under the limit for free delivery though they did not charge me BUT i would rather have the knickers!!:evil:
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