La-Z-Boy "Gizmo" chair - £697 @ alecs3piecesuites

La-Z-Boy "Gizmo" chair - £697 @ alecs3piecesuites

Found 9th Jun 2014
I know this is going to get slaughtered but, to be honest, I don't care.

I was in Harvey Norman in Belfast last week and they had a La-Z-Boy "Gizmo" chair on display for £1200 cash. I checked the price out online and saw a place called Alec's 3 Piece Suites in Bolton were selling the same chair for £697, over half the price HN's were looking. So I gave them a call and was told they would be happy to let me have one of the chairs if I could organise my own courier. They also deliver nationwide just not in Ireland (North or South) So I did, and now a brand new La-Z-Boy "Gizmo" chair is winging its way to me.I was sent photos of the exact chair I am getting and it still has all the La-Z-Boy tags intact.

Alec's say that: "We always stock a varied selection of La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy is world renowned for manufacturing quality and comfort!

Our prices are guaranteed lower than anywhere else.

La-Z-Boy furniture is world renowned for being the very best in quality, style and comfort. Please phone or come down and see the furniture to avoid disappointment as La-Z-Boy Sofas sell fast.

La-Z-Boy furniture we sell are cancelled orders, slight seconds, brand new and refurbished but all in as new condition! Please ask to avoid any confusion."

About the chair:

The La Z Boy Gizmo is the next generation of recliner chairs. Live like a king with high quality Italian leather. Finished in cognac brown to be effortlessly stylish and durable for years of pleasure. With integral speakers, a massage system, heat pads and an arm-rest mini fridge, this is the closest to nirvana you can get in your own living room!

The Gizmo chair is complete with a power electric footrest, built in bass speakers to maximise your audio capabilities, which also includes mp3 and Bluetooth connectivity. Perfect after a hard day's work, the La Z Boy Gizmo is ideal for relaxing and offers excellent lumbar support.

This chair is designed to offer supreme support for your back, with a heated back cushion, 10 vibro massagers in the back rest and seat, all of which can be controlled by the attached handset. In addition to multiple gadgets, the La Z Boy Gizmo chair has sprung seating, high quality reflex foam and soft fibre padding offering a superior way to watch films and sporting events, the innovative design aims to solve all your comfort needs.

Main Features:
• Leather reclining chair
• High quality Italian semi-analine leather
• 10 point massage system with 15 settings
• Patented La Z Boy electric recliner mechanism
• Hugs close to the wall for space saving (100mm minimum distance from wall to fully recline)
• Heat pad in the lower back area
• Side pocket to hold remote controls and other necessities
• Mini fridge hidden in armrest - holds 6 cans
• 2 cup holders on mini fridge lid
• Built in speakers with separate volume and bass control dials
• Audio port to connect your iPod or mp3 player
• Bluetooth audio connectivity
• Headphone port
• Weight Limit 114kg (18 Stone)

Handset Options:
• Recline up/down
• Massage intensity control
• Massage point selection
• Heat on/off
• Mode selection
• Timer setting

Electrical - Mains Powered: Yes (UK Plug Supplied)

• Height: 1040mm
• Width: 1120mm
• Depth: 1000mm
• Seat Height: 500mm
• Seat Width: 450mm
• Seat Depth: 570mm
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& the stock level is ?
I bought one a few years ago, my advice would be not to waste your money.


& the stock level is ?

No idea. I asked if they had them in stock and they confirmed it. Give them a ring and check.
Ridiculous price for a chair, but on the basis that it is much cheaper than elsewhere I have to be fair and vote hot.

I bought one a few years ago, my advice would be not to waste your money.

Well I certainly wouldn't have paid £1200 for one, never mind the £1399 it was on sale for in Harvey Norman. But at this price, I couldn't pass it up. And if I find that, in time, don't like it I'm sure I could sell it on and near enough get my money back.
Was going to vote hot for the price even though a high price for a chair until I see these words on Alec's website "They are in excellent as new condition / slight seconds" and they don't mention any warranty.

I think they are great chairs if you can get one at the right price and I hope you get a great one and a 'bargain' and you are happy with it.

Good luck.
Wow...just looked on Ebay and some 'chancer' has one on sale with 'slight' scuffs all over it for £1350 crazy stupid price.…3c8
Ah the La-Z-Boy Chair - As used by Joey & Chandler on Friends I'll vote it hot just for that!
Thanks We've sent your offer to barmansltd1977.Review Offer Overlay Opened
Please allow 48 hours for a response from barmansltd1977.
Don't want to wait? You can still buy it now.
Your offer :

Thanks We've sent your offer to barmansltd1977.Review Offer Overlay … Thanks We've sent your offer to barmansltd1977.Review Offer Overlay OpenedPlease allow 48 hours for a response from barmansltd1977.Don't want to wait? You can still buy it now.Your offer :£1.00

See they declined your poundland offer, will probably have it advertised for a looooooong time at that price.
My chair arrived last Friday. The delivery man put it together and I have to admit, it is one hell of a comfortable beast X)

Looks good. Were there any blemishes on it seeing as they're classed as seconds?

Also, is it compulsory that you have to use the electric reclining action? Or can you just push it back and forth manually with your feet? We've had recliners for years, but they're only ever the manual type as I don't think I could handle the lengthy wait that I've seen some of the electric ones take to get upright again in order that you can get out of it.
No its just electric. And no blemishes, the chair is top class. It takes about 8 seconds each to open and close fully.
Oh right, Ok. Well that's a big deal breaker for us. There's plenty of times when you need to get up fast and waiting for one of those to right itself would seem like an eternity. Plus, if the electrics go on it and it's not an easy fix then you've effectively got a recliner chair (possibly even stuck in the reclined position) that you can't use. We opt for a manual operation for those reasons. It's just something to go wrong.
i assume this is a cash only kind of place? no 0% insterest deals?

i assume this is a cash only kind of place? no 0% insterest deals?

Dunno skemo. I paid cash and I never looked into any other payment methods.
Alec only deals in cash as he says cash is king ,great place bought plenty over the years well renowned throughout Bolton and the nw
He certainly gets my vote. Because I ordered my own delivery service he gave me the chair for £600. A proper gent.

He certainly gets my vote. Because I ordered my own delivery service he … He certainly gets my vote. Because I ordered my own delivery service he gave me the chair for £600. A proper gent.

I know this thread is old... but how's the chair 2 years on? Any chance of a full review? I've been toying with the idea of one of these for a while, would very much like to know what your thoughts are on...

1. Longevity - still comfortable? Needed repairs?
2. Reliability - All electric functions working?
3. Use - how much are you using it? This will give an indication of wear
4. Weight and size, are you a big/heavy bloke, is the chair large?

Much appreciated. Thanks.
2 years on and its a mixed bag. The chair is still as comfortable, probably more so now that its been well broken in. Not so good news on the massage system though. The only point still working is the headrest. All of the others have stopped working, along with the heat function. I think this is probably due to loose or broken connections, as my nieces and nephews like to "play" on it when they're here. And when I say "play" I mean give it a right hammering. Unfortunately there is no way to get at the wiring without stripping the chair down, so it'll have to stay that way. On the other hand, it could be the wiring of the handset, which had the wires mysteriously hanging out of it when we returned from holiday last year. Our 20 year old daughter was the only one in the house while we were away and she knew nothing about it. Or all the left over alcopops and empty bottles, cans and takeaway wrappers lying in the garage.

The bluetooth audio, fridge and most importantly, the electronic reclining are all working as expected. On the bluetooth audio - I had hoped to use this while listening to music (obviously) or gaming, doesn't connect to my AV receiver, more the fault of the receiver not offering bluetooth out. I can still connect my phone or tablet to it of course, but I had wanted a "one stop shop" for entertainment.

So on the strength of all of this, I'd still give it a 7/10.
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