Labtec Ultra Flat Illuminated Keyboard £12.99 @ Play

Labtec Ultra Flat Illuminated Keyboard £12.99 @ Play

Found 12th Dec 2009
£13 and free delivery on this excellent keyboard on
Same keyboard costs £20 on amazon and you won't find other illuminated keyboards this cheap.
Logitech sells the EXACT same keyboard without illumination and media shortcuts for almost the same price -…9-f

BEWARE!!: look at the reviews, illumination is poor, but I still think it's an amazing keyboard (I'll add my review below)


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The other reviews are accurate, the illumination is not good at all. When it is totally dark you can't see anything but the outline of keys and not the letters on the keys themselves.

BUT, consider this:
Logitech sells this EXACT same ultra-flat keyboard for roughly the same price (but that one has no media controls or illumination).
Considering just the keyboard, it's an excellent flat, small keyboard. Soft, silent keys. Very comfortable to type on.
Media keys are always useful.

Now for the illumination: if you're looking specifically for good illumination, look elsewhere (although you won't find anything for this price). But I like this keyboard. I can touch type and this shows me where F and J and enter and spacebar and backspace and numeric pad for me it serves the purpose.
There's a video of the illumination on the internet if you want to look for that to see exactly what it's like.…jPc
Overall a very good keyboard in my opinion.

Can someone point out to me what the backlight is for, if it doesn't illuminate the letters on the keys ¿ ? ¿ ?

its £12.99 not £13.00

A lot chepear than the Logitech branded equivelent, but you do get what you pay for.
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