Labyrinth - Collector's Edition £2.99 delivered from play.com
Labyrinth - Collector's Edition £2.99 delivered from play.com

Labyrinth - Collector's Edition £2.99 delivered from play.com

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Based on Christopher Buckley's acclaimed 1994 novel of the same title and adapted for the screen by Jason Reitman, Thank You For Smoking is a fiercely satirical look at today's "culture of spin." The hero of Thank You For Smoking is Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, who makes his living defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today's neo-puritanical culture.

Confronted by health zealots out to ban tobacco and an opportunistic senator (William H. Macy) who wants to put poison labels on cigarette packs, Nick goes on a PR offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes on TV talk shows and enlisting a Hollywood super-agent (Rob Lowe) to promote smoking in movies. Nick's newfound notoriety attracts the attention of both tobacco's head honcho (Robert Duvall) and an investigative reporter for an influential Washington daily (Katie Holmes). Nick says he is just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage, but the increased scrutiny of his son (Cameron Bright) and a very real death threat may force him to think differently.

* 'Inside The Labyrinth': a 'making of' featurette
* Behind the scenes photo gallery
* Character, concept art and vintage poster galleries
* Filmographies
* Storyboard
* Theatrical trailer
* Interactive menu
* Scene access

Don't forget quidco!


Thank you for smoking?


think he must of put the wrong description of the film, the actual one is ...

Frustrated with baby-sitting on yet another weekend night, Sarah - a teenager with a active imagination - summons the Goblins from her favourite book, "Labyrinth", to take her baby step-brother away. When little Toby actually disappears, Sarah must follow him into the world of the fairy tale to rescue him, in hope that their loyalty isn't just another illusion in a place where nothing is as it seems!

'Labyrinth' is a major fantasy feature film with a cast of incredible creatures created by The Jim Henson Creature Shop, and produced by 'Star Wars' director George Lucas. Starring rock legend David Bowie, who performs five original songs, 'Labyrinth' is the perfect family film combining music, adventure, comedy and fantasy.

I watched this when I was younger over & over, really good film I think so anyway!!

Original Poster

Sorry about that description grex9101, I was looking at thank you for smoking at the same time. It seems I had a senior moment.

Thanks for putting the correct description malibu777, if I could edit my original post I would.

up to 5.99 now
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