Lacie 160GB 2.5" External USB 2.0 Hard Drive £56.80 Delivered

Lacie 160GB 2.5" External USB 2.0 Hard Drive £56.80 Delivered

Found 20th Aug 2007
This a fantastic little harddrive for backing up data/video/music or just to use as extra storage.

Although other harddrives with higher capacities are available they are very expensive in the 2.5" size per GIGABYTE or ther are physically larger and bulkier thus less portable. If you have a laptop you need a light external harddrive to carry withit. The larger HDDs also require additinal external mains power adaptor while this hard drive will work solely from USB post on most machines due to the low power consumption.

I have been using this harddrive for a few months now and just bought another because of the price drop and free delivery offered by ebuyer.

As I work in IT i'm always in need of extra storage space which is light and reliable. This harddrive does the job.


Thanks Tazmanian Devil, just what I need. Welcome to HotDealsUK

Welcome to HUKD Tazmanian_Devil

Alaso available @ Amazon UK for £56.78 delivered

Welcome to HotUKDeals Tazmanian Devil and Thanks for your first post

This is now £80.82 from Amazon!
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