LaCie 300GB d2 Ethernet Disk Mini...£79.99 (

LaCie 300GB d2 Ethernet Disk Mini...£79.99 (

Found 25th Sep 2007
Not heard much about this, but its been reduced from £199.99 to £79.99!

The Ethernet Disk Mini from LaCie allows users to access all files across a network. With a 10/100 and USB2 connection the drive can also be used as a personal storage device. Ideal for a central storage device for shared filed, music and images.

Depth 17.3cm
Height 4.4cm
Width 16.0 cm
Weight 1500g
LaCie 300GB d2 Ethernet Disk Mini
PC Win98SE, ME, 2000, XP
MAC OS 9.1, 10.2 and greater
NAS hard drive
Buffer 8MB
Interface 10/100 Ethernet & USB2

...and don't forget your quidco!


any reviews

Does it require software installation on the PC to access the NAS?

SmallNetBuilder (Tom's Hardware) review.

Cons • Windows network browsing problems
• Relatively slow USB-connected performance
• Sluggish admin interface


"Interface 10/100 Ethernet" or slow ethernet as it is now known.

It will be fine if you are using it as a back up harddrive, but not so good if you are moving large files, watching ripped DVDs, etc.

With 3.7MBps (according to the review), watching ripped DVD (unless it is HD-DVD) is not an issue. No DVD can exceed 9.7Mbps for video or it'll violate DVD spec.

This would be a wonderful bargain if it could run slimserver - I think that this is doubtful but if there is anyone out there who has been able to do this I would appreciate your input...

v2 of it got UPnP AV server if it helps

how do you make this wireless.
also are there any hacks for it?

how do i know if its v2?

Give'em a call?

they dont know.
does it say on box

You can ask'em for part number (not theirs but Lacie's). Judging by the picture, it looks like it is an original one, not V2.

Why's it called Mini? Looks (*")!"( huge to me.

its not huge

the model number is 300952ek
is that v1 or v2?
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